Light weight 3 x 9 chainset required

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by bm0p700f

I should have added forks and pedals is where I saw weight. There are forks out there that are light. My old Marzocchi Martathon something or other are 1700g. They need an overhaul so are going cheap if the steerer legnth suits. I replaced them with a pair of rigid carbon forks and saved nearly 1kg.

Today I weighed a set of Geax Barro Race tyres -404g. These are going on my race bike tomorrow for the race on Sunday. I hope they don't pncture. You cold save some weight there.

The A2Z discs are very light as well. Ti and Alloy bolts where ever appropriate will save more weight. If a steel bolt is used somewhere a Ti bolt will do the same job and will save weight. You also cuberider have not stated the weights of any of the kit you have. To drop weight every component needs to be weighed, then you will know where weight can be saved,

Oh an XT M985 chainset is 630g - I bought one for my self recently. That will save a fair bit of weight (~350g) over your current chainset and BB.

As I said I have a old and heavy Orange Evo2 framed bike which by the the end of Friday will be about 9 kg using off the self parts and only bolt tuning. The rear wheel I built today for it is only 730g.

Veloplugs will save a few grams as well.

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by CubeRider

Thanks again mate some useful tips there.

I just bought my forks so gonna get some use out if them, I have carbon rigids too which I will use on days when am not on technical trails.

I think maybe over the weekend I will dismantle the bike and weight everything and make a spreadsheet, like you say then I can see where the weight savings need to come from.

The xt chainset sounds good, I'll look into that as that alone would put me bang on an 11kg hardtail, 9kg dead rigid.


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by QuinnTO

+1 for SLX, been using them for close to a year on my mountain bike and can't fault them. They are ~$200 USD on most internet retailers and are about the same weight as XT.

Also take a look at Race Face Turbine. Could probably put together a lighter setup for about $50 more than SLX.

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by mattr

CubeRider wrote:Now where could I get a carbon frame for 1kg cheap, I'd be on that so fast lol.
China, or a two or three year old scale. We just sold one (complete bike) for about £1200 quid. You can get decent frames (second hand) for well under 500 quid if you keep your eyes peeled.

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by TheRookie

Chinese ones tedn to come in around the 1200g mark, still a good saving though.....

I have Manitou Skarebs on my bike, 1450g with some minor tuning (inc SFN - replaced SPV with a standard air valve and minimum spec oil fill)
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