Giant TCR Advanced SL Vector Frameset Weight?

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by bformanes

Hey all,

Getting a Giant TCR and not sure if I should go with the ISP or non-ISP, Giant's marketing "the truth about frame testing" puts the non-ISP almost 300g heavier. If that's the case, I might shell out the extra cash for the ISP, but would like to know if anyone has some real life experience with it!


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by Horacio

My first bike was a Giant with an ISP. My second bike is a Giant TCR Adv SL1 with an ISP. My current project bike has an ISP.
I'm hooked.
I don't know about a 300g weight savings, but I was "born" on an ISP and I don't really consider bikes that don't have them.
My 2013 Giant with pedals, Garmin mount, cages, DA 9000 and C24s weighs 14.3 lbs.

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by gummee

I've got an 09 TCR with the ISP.

Like it. The only issue I have with it is its fiddly to change seat height. I'll admit to being 'princess and the pea' with that, so it was a stretch to get me to go ISP. W/ the spacer kit it isn't as big an issue as I thought it was going to be.

I also have an extra brand new ISP topper. PM me if you wanna buy it.

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by ms6073

gummee wrote:The only issue I have is its fiddly to change seat height.

My wife's highly calibrated knees demand a high degree of accuracy when setting seat height on our TCR Advanced SL ISP frames and based on experience, suggest once the mast is cut, you forego messing with the spacer kit as the mast spoilage typically allows for a number of custom carbon spacers to get saddle exact height.
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by totoboa

What be ISP ???

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by mrd

integral seat post i presume

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