Crit vs. RR, which level should I focus on the most?

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by phourgenres

Weaknesses aside. Would level would you say is the most important for each of these types of races? Threshold, VO2 max, Anaerobic capacity, or neuromuscular?

by Weenie

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by jmilliron

Road race seems to be about having a big base/aerobic capacity. So that you're as fresh as possible for the finish.

Crits you can probably get away with less of a base.
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by Tapeworm

Threshold. Pursuit, points race, mountain xc, cyclocross - threshold. Maybe the odd vo2 and anaerobic work but you will always be better off with a larger FTP.

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by SDP

horses for courses...

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by 4crosswheels

Threshold.As tapeworm says,best threshold wins races (that aren't 20 second track sprints)

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