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by Ulle

What about this site?
I found good prices but no feedback.
Who knows them?

Thank You :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by Anders3404

I have purchased from them on numerous occasions. Delivery times is so-so

They have good deals on clothing, but almost anything else is cheaper elsewhere

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by aerozy

Who knows them? Everybody! They are one of the biggest online retailers in the business. Pretty much on par with chain reactions, wiggle and ribble. Im sure a google search could tell you that much.

They arent as cheap as they used to be though.
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by kulivontot

I think they are new to USA customers, never heard of them before, but picked up a set of vittoria corsa Evo tubulars for like 120. We'll see when they get here.

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by eric

Many people in the US have used them for years.

Their regular prices aren't that hot but they can have good sale prices.

Your stuff will arrive in a plastic bag and may have been bounced around a little. I have yet to have anything damaged however.

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by critracer26

I have been buying from there for about 4 years and never had an issue. I don't order anything I absolutely need because the shipping times are all over the place.

When I purchased my record 11 group set a coupld years ago I paid for the faster shipping (like 40$ at the time) the items arrived in 2 days.

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by russianbear

My shipping time has always been exactly 7 business days.

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by Rick

I have been buying stuff from them for years. Good prices, usually free shipping (I am in the USA)
And they have absolutely the best most ridiculously low prices on Continental tires, which are my favorites! :)

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by Rush

I've bought lots of stuff from them in Australia. Prices are OK but their website is the easiest of the 'big 3' to navigate (Wiggle, Chain Reaction, Pro Bike Kit) and they have quite a large array of items.

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

Nothing bad to report on them, used them quite a few times, very helpful answering emails.

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by Tugboat

Have used them for the last 5 years. Shipping to New Zealand has always been pretty timely and the one time I had an issue (I was sent Miche track sprockets instead of a Dura-Ace cassette) it was sorted quickly and without any fuss.
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by Ulle

Thank You for all the answers guys.
Just ordered an Uvex Helmet. :beerchug:

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by jedijeck

My buddy in the US raves about it. But think their prices are better than here in the UK.
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by prendrefeu

Their prices are o.k. but not jaw-dropping-great. Once in a while they'll have a genuine sale that will make it worthwhile - most of the time they have a 'sale' but it isn't significant. Just cross your fingers that the item you want will actually be in stock when that sale hits.
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by Wingnut

I agree with prendrefeu, nothing amazing price wise and whenever I do tend to look it's always out of stock...I buy when I need rather than want...
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by Weenie

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