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by nmx

Hi all,

this thread should give you a little status quo of the current situation of the board and will give some answers and explanations.

First of all, the board was upgraded to the latest release (3.0.11). If you find any bugs/errors/whatever, please post it into this topic or send me a personal message.

Furthermore, we'll add a mobile friendly style soon since not everybody wants to use the Tapatalk app. New users will still receive the Tapatalk hint (we don't want to replace it).

As you've already seen, we're currently trying different kinds of advertising right here in the forum. The WeightWeenies traffic is really huge (and increases month by month) and we have to compensate the hosting and personal costs. As I already mentioned, we're currently in a testing period, everything can change.
The popup on the right-side bottom of the topics was a part of this testing. We thought that it was a fair solution offering a button to close this ad (until we read this topic). Now, we've removed the popup and ads will only be shown to non-registred users.
We are highly interested in offering the best forum experience as possible.

Within the next months, we'll try to improve the WeightWeenies step by step. This starts at the weight listings (we've a new employee which will take care about that - but we have to think about the best realization) and ends at the forum. In this spirit, if you have any questions, suggestions for improvement or something else, please write it here in this topic, contact Frankie-B (by the way: great admin!) or contact us at info@starbike.com (or webmaster@starbike.com, as you like).

Greetings from Germany,
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by thisisatest

One thing I've noticed when using Tapatalk is that whenever I select to see topics I've replied to, it shows no forums. The "new to me" and "all" are fine, though. This is the case after the update, even if I had just replied to a topic minutes ago.

by Weenie

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by dvincere

The new mobile version is a huge improvement. It's missing some functionality but its so much easier to read. Thanks!

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by austke

I have started using Tapatalk again as of today, as I use the "new post" function on forums a lot. And didn't see this function on the new mobile version. I preferred the non mobile version best. Also a zoom function would be great.
Until then I will have use Tapatalk again.
Thx Austke
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by Tillquist

The lastes phpBB 3 release is 3.0.11
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by nmx

Tillquist wrote:The lastes phpBB 3 release is 3.0.11

Sorry, that was a typo... I wrote 10 instead of 11

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by t0ph0id

Loving the new mobile version, be good to be able to see photos rather than just links.

Also, there's no 'next' button to get to the next page


by Weenie

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