Feedback on Selle San Marco Regale & Concor Carbon FX saddle

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by Lafolie

Just wondered if there where any folks on here presently running the Selle San Marco Regale or Concor Carbon FX saddles. Or, have you previously owned them? Any feedback would be most welcome. Thanks in advance

by Weenie

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by Bondurant

I have the former. Hardly any cushioning and a very firm shell. That said, it fits me well and I have thus far not experienced any discomfort on it after having tried an Arione and Flite before it. Ouch and Ouch, respectively.

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by Lafolie

thanks :-)

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by chickenbourne

Same here. I had the original shape Regale up until a month ago and now I have the Racing Regale. After trying Prologo Scratch and Fizik Aliante which caused discomfort at 60+km the Regale is my perfect perch.

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by HillRPete

The Concor is effectively rather narrow, because of its steeply sloped sides. The Regale's rear spreads out flatter and wider.

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I raced the Regale Racing edition two seasons ago, and loved it. Went back to my Arione during the off season and passed the Regale to a friend. (You can only pass them off if they have wins in them, if they do not, you have to charge for them.) Anyway, he loved it, still has it. I ran across one on the Bay and went ahead and sprang for it. Glad I did, remembered why I loved it so much in the first place. Since I am my own sponsor, I dont have to ride what someone wants me to ride, so I am sticking with this one.

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by Lafolie

thanks for the feedback

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by nickf

Have a regal e and a regal carbon fx. Love them both. The fx I think is a little stiffer in the rails but is just as comfortable. The claimed weight is bogus on the fx though. My fx comes in at 202g, claimed is 193. Typical Italian scales.

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by Calnago

Well, I tried the Regale FX Carbon and it didn't work at all for me. Sold it to someone who absolutley loves those saddles. Went back to what works, for me. I like the Selle Italia SLR shape. Used to have an Aliante for many years and that worked too, although a little spong. I eventually tried an SLR (just because I liked the looks of it on my bike and I found that I immediately got used to the more flat top and never seem to have problems with it. I think if you try a saddle, and it doesn't feel right very soon thereafter then it's probably not the right saddle for you.
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by Lafolie

thanks again guys :beerchug:

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by Getter

I have the Concor Sprint...pretty much the same shape as the FX...but with a 3cm shorter nose.

Came from a Romin and I like the Concor alot more. Both feel pretty close...but the Concor has more clearance for my thighs. I like the stubby nose best.

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by cmd

I ride on a new style Concor and love it. Previously I had various San Marco Eras for years. The Concor is similar in comfort with a slightly less flat shape and as Getter said, better "thigh clearance". I have a Flite another bike and will replace it soon with another Concor.

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by twoangstroms

Funny to see a Selle Italia rider say that San Marco's don't work for him -- I've come at it from the opposite perspective for years. I wonder if people are shaped well for one company's product or the other.

Perhaps it'd be useful to build a chart that groups saddle compatibility. That is, people who have been happy with San Marco ASPide also like Specialized Toupe, but can't take San Marco Era or Selle Italia Flite, and so on.

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by CrimsonKarter21

I've been riding the Regale FX for the past two years. Durable, super comfy, light and FIRM! I got the Regale with the Ti rails at the same time and prefer the FX with it's firmer padding.

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by davidalone

anyone know how the regale compares to the fizik antares? I'm on the antares now and I like it but it tends to lose it's firmness quickly. considering trying the regale. dimension and shape wise they are very similar.

by Weenie

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