CAAD9 fork replacement

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by jz4nyc

Are the standard carbon forks on CAAD9's good? I just picked up a frame and have no idea if stock fork is good or not. I presume it will be more than adequate, but I've swapped forks on other bikes to tweak ride feel now & then, and may end up doing the same with this.

Lot of CAAD's I've seen on here have fork replacement, so am wondering if it's an issue of ride quality or just weight savings.

If so, what's the appropriate rake for replacement? Thanks for any tips.

by Weenie

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by Getter

The later CAAD9's came with a full carbon fork. I see alot of guys racing on the standard fork...nothing wrong with it.

I replaced my stock Six13 fork with a 3T Funda and my System Six with a Easton SL Taper.

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by Antoine

I feel the Alpha Q on my Lynskey is better than the full carbon fork on my CAAD 9.
The handling is more precise (with the same front wheel) and I can turn faster with my Lynskey.

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by jz4nyc

Anyone else with specific experience swapping out their forks on their more recent CAAD's?

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by quattrings

I've swapped the standard ultra fork (alu steerer, carbon legs) out for a HiMod slice TT fork, which is full carbon except for the drop outs. It's the same rake and is a couple mm lower axle to crown.
It's lighter, should be more aero, comfortwise it's a slight improvement. It handles just about the same, maybe a bit more accurate steering on the slice fork, but that was never the issue with the standard fork either.

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by rew11willie

I've swapped the full carbon slice premium on my Caad 9 with an Enve 1.0. It works perfectly and handles well. It also drops a ton of weight.

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by JN2Wheels

I've used a enve 2.0, a ritchey WCS, and the stock CAAD9 full carbon. The Caad fork is 372 or so long, while the others are 367-369 ish. It makes a difference. I would strongly suggest against a swap unless you can assure the fork lengths match. Personally, the stock CAAD fork was the best of the three, in terms of handling. Stiffness went to the enve, as did weight. The shorter fork lengths steepened the angle, and made an already twitchy bike unpredictably quick. Save your money.. the stock fork is solid.

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by jz4nyc

thanks jn2wheels, that's exactly the kind of answer i'm looking for.

by Weenie

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