pc7 like mount for Garmin 500?

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by kgt

It is negligible IMO.

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by PoorCyclist

Want to buy as a gift for a recreational rider to mount Garmin 500
is the barfly 1.1 or SRAM quickview better?

by Weenie

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by Liggero

For the price, i think SRAM is the cheapest option, but in weight and appearance and options, I would go for RaceWare direct option. Barfly newest version I believe leaves the garmin still too high.
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by kode54

i didn't see much difference in Barfly 1.0 and Barfly 1.1 as far as where it sits.

if you have a 500, K-edge would be more adjustable. if you have the Garmin 800, go with the Garmin Out-Front...sits nice and flush in front of the stem.
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by bwdftp

kode54 wrote:i didn't see much difference in Barfly 1.0 and Barfly 1.1 as far as where it sits.

if you have a 500, K-edge would be more adjustable. if you have the Garmin 800, go with the Garmin Out-Front...sits nice and flush in front of the stem.

Agree - have tried most of them - I'm a fan of the Garmin Out Front as you can get the garmin flush with stem/bar. The sram and Barfly sit the garmin up above the line of the bars.

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by ave


Does somebody know what mount is this? The part marked B-4.
I'm trying to build a front mount for my Liquid Image EGO camera, this part would be ideal for me.

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by ms6073

I would imagine that part is simply a stock seatpost/handlebar reflector mount which are required on new bikes sold in the US, many LBS probably have a parts bin/box full of them, thus could probably be sourced for free.
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by Riccfs

Hello All,
We are in development of making a mount for the 500 on the handlebar, It will be a carbon part weighing in the 10 gram range. We plan on having parts ready for sale by the middle of march.

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by trychle

Riccsfs, will the mount be symmetric (like the one Tillquist makes) or will it be more like a barfly?

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by VTjunkie

Martyn's solution at Raceware Direct is by far and away the best solution. The customer service is out of this world and his product is impeccable and super light. Additionally, unlike some other mounts that are installed with the stem's pattern, the mount can be adjusted up and down to level the Garmin opposed to pointing its nose toward pavement (on a -6 stem for example). Lastly, his solution, of the bar mounted options, tucks in the tightest to the face of the stem. You won't regret a purchase from Raceware Direct. Cheers

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by andylav

This revised version from Barfly (Barfly 2.0) looks very good - two mounting positions to accommodate 500/510/800/810 close to the stem plate, in line with top of stem, added Di2 /EPS mounting functionality and - most impressively - $20 / £16.

http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/t ... nts-36943/

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by Rippin

Bravo, Tate Labs! Feature-rich at a more reasonable price point.
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by duffin

Any update on the best FSA Plasma bar mount?

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by RaceWareDirect

Indeed we now offer a mount for the FSA plasma bars, it can be found on the racewaredirect website in a variety of colours. I am not saying it is the best but it is a choice.
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by aerozy

Just tried out my new Garmin mount. Was very dissapointed and swapped immediately back to my racewaredirect. The garmin computer does not sit straight on the mount! :unbelievable: Beats the whole point of having it up front. Its only slightly off (5degrees?) but its enough to annoy me. The locking mechanism seems rather loose too...
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by Weenie

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