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by Muahdib

First post. Started riding a few years ago exclusively mountain biking. Got bit by the racing bug and realized I needed a road bike for training purposes. Expected I wouldn't care much for road riding and been pleasantly surprised that I greatly enjoy it. Got a Specialized Tarmac Elite on closeout last year and really liked it. Was looking to get another bike and hand down the tarmac to my wife. Ended up getting a great deal on last years Venge Expert. I absolutely love the bike. Lots of fun.

Drivetrain is almost all Ultegra save the cassette, chain, and FSA crank
Zipp SLC2 bar
Zipp Service Course SL stem 100mm
Specialized Toupe Pro saddle
Look Keo Classic pedals
Ultegra brakes
Far Sport FS-CM 50mm wheels
Continental GP4000 S 25mm tires
Bottle cages Cutter Carbon cages

Total weight: 15.5 pounds (7.01 kilos)

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by Bianchi10

Nice bike, but I'm surprised to see that crankset choice on that ride.

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by Muahdib

It came with the crank so I'll keep it for now.

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by jhamlin38

VERY NICE Venge. How do you like the ride compared to the tarmac?

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by mihai

the crank is bb30?

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by lyot

Awesome colour setttings.. I really dig this one !

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by kgt


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by Muahdib

I believe the ride is better than the Tarmac. Course I went from an 8r Tarmac frame to a 10r Venge so the carbon layup is supposed to be better. Also ride with slightly bigger tires on the Venge as compared to the Tarmac (tubeless on the Tarmac however.) Since I don't have a ton of experience with road bikes I can't say it's a night and day difference but it seems better to me. Pedaling out of the saddle the Venge seems much stiffer to me.

BB is specialized's version of BB30. It's carbon OSBB. it's supposed to be a slightly narrower version of BB30.

Almost went with Yellow bar tape but decided against it. Thanks for the kind words.

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by leonvl

Carbon OSBB is pressfit30 if I'm not mistaken (46 mm diameter instead of BB30's 42 mm)

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by Lateralus

No it is not. OSBB has built-in cups, PF30 does not.

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by Muahdib

To clarify the Carbon OSBB. It is 61mm wide but with the cups that go with Carbon OSBB are installed the width is 68mm like BB30. So for all intents and purposes it acts like BB30. From what I've read however it doesn't play real well with Campy cranks.

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by twigstim

That looks like a nascar, well done. The aesthetic really flows well with the structured geometry of the frame.

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by SaltCityCipressa

Great set up, even the crank. I would get Black Rings if you could though. just my opinion, other than that it looks amazing!

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by mihai

this bike is my wet dream.

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by ricey155

Its just looks fast nice ride :thumbup:

colours are awesome best looking bike I've seen for a while

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