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by carbonLORD





by Weenie

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by shoopdawoop

:shock: Thats a hot couple! I would ride the crap out of either of those! Much praise!

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by plpete

I like the exposed brick walls and hardwood floors! Nice bikes too :thumbup: :lol:

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by CBJ

That is bad ass and agree floor wall combo is very cool too.

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by manne

Ok, jealousy.

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by dynaserve

Which is best? :popcorn:

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by carbon2329

Great combo of builds.

Would love to hear your ride reports on both with a comparison. Would be valuable.

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by Getter

Seeing them side by side...actually think the Colnago looks better!

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by jsinclair

nice, but i think the wheels should be swapped around

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by prendrefeu

The Colnago.

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
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by dynaserve

Either way - Can anyone have two nicer bikes?

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by btompkins0112

Yes. The Colnago with the Enve's.....

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by bura

With the bike and wheel decals as seen I would think that frame-wheel combinations do fit.
Both bikes deserve -17 stems, especially the Colnago.
BTW, the statue is in better harmony with a very dark brown floor .
But...I like everything I see there.
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by michel2

prendrefeu wrote:The Colnago.

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap


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by Calnago

dynaserve wrote:Either way - Can anyone have two nicer bikes?

They could both be Colnagos :). Also, nothing against Zipp but I just don't think they fit on a Colnago.
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by Weenie

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