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by nick

Does anyone else sell THM components in the uk besides Poshbikes? Looking to buy brakes and cranks.
Cheers nick.

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by RyanH

There are quite a few places, including our site sponsor Bike24, and r2-bike also carry THM. I've ordered from starbike before, and they ship very quickly and have good prices. I just ordered from Bike24, so I'll see how well they do.
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by Pharmstrong

Bike24 are fantastic.

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by RudyMontana

+1 for Starbike. Ordered from them for the first time recently. Very smooth. Plus... they host our shennanigans

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by carbon2329

Starbike is great, even to the U.S.

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by maxxevv

+1 for Starbike.

Excellently smooth transaction and shipping when I got my Clavicula's a few years ago.

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by coppercook62

+1 star bike ordered both in US

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