What do you do in the winter months to be ready to ride?

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by Kasparz


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by skiezo

Ya know, I have tried riding in the dead of winter. I have the cloths and winter shoes to do so and have done so in the past.
I just do not get the joy out of riding in freezing and below temps. My eyes water and the tears freeze on my cheeks,I get extreme ear aches/infections no matter what I put on my head. My finger tips get numb,as well as my face,and my eyes weep.
And I do not enjoy riding when I am uncomfortable. I tend to tense/bunch up my neck/shoulder muscles and get extreme head aches.
So 38 degrees and above is ok,45 degrees and above and I am fine and can ride in comfort and fell well about doing so.
More power to those how like to ride in the freezing cold,damp conditions.
I am fine doing other things to keep in good condition till the weather breaks.
Glad there are those that can enjoy riding in cold conditions.

Thanks Skiezo

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by Tapeworm

Computrainer or the like, gigantafan, some tunes, and lots of sweat towels should see you improve your fitness over winter.
"Physiology is all just propaganda and lies... all waiting to be disproven by the next study."
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by skiezo

I never really enjoy running as I would get knee pain. I tried all kinds of shoes and some were worse than others but still
a no-go.
So a few weeks ago I decided to try the merrell barefoot trail running shoes. I used them on the treadmill for a few weeks
and found no more pain. A bit of muscle soreness the first week but that disappeared. So the last week or so I have been doing 2.5 miles at nite with the dog on paved roads.. Well to my surprise no more knee pain/discomfort. I use a padded sock and am really enjoying the nite air now,and the dog loves the runs.
I guess my jogging style just likes the non-wedge sole of these soles. The arch support in these shoes is great.


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by fastvegan

I spend as much time with my wife and family to make up for the time I am away in the spring/summer/fall.

This is not the best method for being the fastest come racing season, but it makes for a better relationship.

Happy wife = happy life.

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by JKolmo

A winter dedicated bike + studded tires = snow and ice is not much of a problem. Really.

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