Minimalist tool kit / bag

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jbf

I use one of these: ... ottle.html" onclick=";return false;

This unit will fit into a standard bottle cage and will hold a small mini-pump, tube, boot, multi-tool, chainbreaker & iPhone. I gave up on co2 after blowing out the o-rings on 2 different co2 inflators. The internal sealing o-rings get brittle from non use and fail exactly when you need them (50 miles from home). If you are relying on co2, make sure you spray some silicon spray or wd40 into the unit occasionally to prevent o-ring failure.

by Weenie

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by nickf


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by stella-azzurra

Man some of you are paranoid :frightened: :laughat:

Even on a 100 mile ride:

1. Spare tube
2. Patch kit
3. Mini pump
4. Tire levers
5. Money
6. Credit card

The bike should be in top shape before you go out.
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by mattydubs

I concur. I should mention that in my tiny wax roll, I do have a boot kit.

  1. tube
  2. patch kit
  3. boot kit
  4. crank bros tool (avec chain breaker)
  5. Lezyne pump (alloy road pump, quite nice and not bad at all to use)
  6. a $20 bill

Fits fine in any jersey (better so in ones that have a pump sleeve, aka Rapha) and no gauche "saddle nuts". That kit has fixed and saved 100 mile mountain road lost in the woods style excursions and other than clothing items, a minimal wallet, and my phone is all I carry (save drink and my garmin). It is not truly relevant, but I know and see plenty of professionals (I do ride in Boulder on occasion, after all) who have neither support vehicle nor saddle bag. Even if you've seen otherwise I don't know why professionals should dictate fashion, I mean we all remember Cipo's garish outfits in the late 90s. It's not as if the peloton always has taste...

And anyway, there's always Rule 29... and 30... and 31

Of course if you're on a mountain bike, the rules are different and the higher chance of "breaking something" necessitates a slightly fuller bit of kit, but that's not what we're talking about here.

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by sawyer

agree with stella-azzura

always amazed me how many people carry round all kinds of stuff

i drop the tube on many rides (if tyres are good, and roads are good) ...and normally just go with (if riding clinchers)

- single lever
- puncture repair kit
- pump
- cash and debit card
- allen key (for stem and seatpost)
- housekey (plural if absolutely necessary)

never owned a saddlebag and never will
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by Pharmstrong

mattydubs wrote:I concur. I should mention that in my tiny wax roll, I do have a boot kit.

What roll do you use?

I carry;

Conti Tube
Topeak Race Rocket HP
Tiny tire lever I took from a Topeak Mini 9
2 Flypaper patches
KMC Missing Link
Wet wipe

I put this in a bottle, or pocket if I need to. I don't like saddle bags.

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by mattydubs

I use one of these sans toe strap. It doesn't need it in a jersey. I've tried more minimal routes but I am okay with the tiny weight it adds as it makes it easier to swap between jerseys.

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by aaric

I'm a fan of the speedsleev seatsleev. hrm, I don't remember paying $35 though. ouch.

Kinda cumbersome to get set up with your particular goodies initially, but very configurable, and it squishes down to the smallest size for what you are carrying, and no rattles.

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by Geoff

I guess I'm the only old-school tubular guy. I just fasten a rolled tubular wrapped in a brown paper bag under the saddle with a toestrap.

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by eric

You don't cross the tubular across your back? That is old school.

I prefer to be self-sufficient on rides rather than hope I don't break something. And I often ride in remote areas where cell coverage is spotty or nonexistent. Hence the mini tool, boot and master link. Although I wind up fixing the bikes of people I am riding with more often than my own. I have a couple old Ritchey tools that are light (55g) but contain a chain tool. I've never needed it myself but have used it to fix other people's chains and even to shorten a chain and make a single speed when one guy shifted his derailleur into his spokes and broke his hanger. He got to ride home with parts in his pocket instead of calling his wife for a ride.

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by winky

What about a minimalist chain tool? Are those any good for the newer 10 and 11 speed chains?

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by BobDopolina

Pockets are for: cell phone in weather proof bag, pump and cash,
2.left/right: food, arm warmers and/or vest as needed.

Saddle bag must contain:
3.boot w spoke key.

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by Pantani

One can of Pit Stop and a twenty euro - and training runs that are circular.
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by carlislegeorge

I use this Ramblin' Roll but they are hard to get...
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by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

I use a Bontrager Draft Pack. In there, I fit:

1 80mm tube
1 CO2 inflator w/ CO2 cartridge inside
1 extra CO2 cartridge
2 tire levers

Right pocket has my phone/ID/cash/CC/badge/4&5mm allen keys
Left pocket has food (usually EFS, but always a GU packet, which serves as an emergency boot)
Middle pocket has garage door opener and cleat covers.
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