Wheel choice dilemma

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by NS

Ok this is definitely on the list of first world problems. I can't decide what wheels to put on my Nero C59 currently running 7900 Di2. Will most likely go 9000 for 2014 so a 10 speed wheel is acceptable if a conversion will be possible at sensible cost
Will be used in all weathers for riding and some racing.
I'm 72-74kg depending how many cakes I've eaten
Budget is sub £2k
Weight must be sub 1500g in real life
Must be available in the uk.

Choices so far: must be clinchers.

Enve 3.4 either king or DT240 anyone know what's involved in the king shimano 11 conversion?
Zipp 303 firecrest clincher
Reynolds thirty two
Mavic R Sys SLR

Reasons would be nice and not just +1s as that has no value

Thanks in advance

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Enves on DA9000 hubs? (They seem to be 25 quid over the 240s at a well known UK Enve dealer/builder)

Reasons? The hubs are black, they match your bike :mrgreen:

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by wingguy

It's going to be difficult to get genuine reasons to pick between those, just preferences!

303's would be great all round as would the Enves (personally I wouldn't get the DT240's for the slow engagement tho), the R-Sys SLR would be phenomenally responsive and significantly cheaper but also about as un-aero as it gets... depends on what you want. :noidea:

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by NealH

I would go with the 9000 DA C24 wheels to keep things in the family, easy conversion, and a top tier wheel. I like the 303 clinchers if you want carbon as a everyday wheel. Their use on the cobblestones should attest to their robustness. They also have a good amount of engineering behind them.

in the industry
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by bm0p700f

DT240 hubs are nice but the rear hub has poor flange seperation meaning the wheel will be less stiff than one bilt with with CK hubs for example.

I think DA hubs are the best out there. They also cheaper than CK hubs. Enve rims wold also be good since you have the coin.

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by coloclimber

Do you have any other wheels?
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by NS

Not at present. Well not without nobbly bits

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

I would consider Fulcrum racing 0.
They have very, very good hubs, are sub 1500g and stiff enough for racing.
You can get them sub 700 euro on the continent in webshops and they come with wheelbags (no need really as this will be easily your default wheelset of choice).

However if you are concerned about durability, I would go for something hand-build, as sub-1500g clincher rims will suffer hard in all-weather, so maybe you do not want to end up with a factory-built set that will not be rebuildable.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

I'd lace up the 3.4s to White Industries T11s. Super easy conversion, and they come standard 10 or 11 speed compatible. They aren't super light hubs, but they are consistently durable, and easy to service when that time finally does come.

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by sluggo

Talk to Derek at http://www.wheelsmith.co.uk/ he'll build some Enve's on King's if that's what you want but more importantly will give you great advice as to which rims/hubs for your use.

by Weenie

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