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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by aaric

I don't think many people would notice the branding on the hubs being different. Different colors, maybe, but even that is doubtful.

As for durability, I'd be scared of going below 20/28 on an everyday wheelset at 180lbs. And you are adding about 40% more weight. And you even wanted a 'stiffer' wheelset on top of that. Zipp has weight limits. Enve molds their spoke holes into their rims, supposedly making them stronger, and the cost of making more 'drillings' would be new molds for the carbon. Additionally, the quality control and durability of a farsports rim is going to be far far worse than an enve rim, both of which will result in decreased stiffness and durability.

If you've got money to burn and only need the wheelset to last a few months (assuming your weight trajectory keeps heading down at a fast rate), 20/28 would probably work if you don't hit potholes.

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by WMW

teufelhunden222 wrote:I was 300 lbs on December 9th. I am 260 now with a target weight of 210-220. I have not had the chance to get hooked up to a power meter, but well... I break rear wheels/hubs.

You don't need to be riding boat anchors, but you do need wheels that are stronger than most, if you want them to last.

I think something like the Kinln XR279 rim, 24f 32r... DB DS spokes and CX-Rays elsewhere, with White Industries or Chris King hubs.
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by teufelhunden222

I am really looking hard at the chris king hub, its kind of fat but I am not to concerned about that. I have not been able to find it in a straight pull offering though. Another one that I am looking at is the DT 350 in straight pull. Zipp has a 250 LB weight limit. The ENVE's with chris king hubs have no weight limit. I am looking at a tubular wheelset for races only. This will not be a daily rider set. This year I will be doing as many Cat 5 races that I can fit into my school schedule. If it lasts untill I get zipps than it did its job.-David

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by HillRPete

teufelhunden222 wrote:If 20 spokes was not enough, then zipp or enve would use more. Please stop reccommending a 36 spoke boat anchor tied to an alum. box. I understand lightweight wheels need more care. Thank you

Hey don't sweat it over a few spokes. 4 spokes with aluminium nipples weigh what, like 20g? You don't want the "care" to mean precautious riding. Descending -- braking into corners in particular -- puts some load on the front wheel. You don't want to be limited by pondering your gear mid-ride, that will cost you way more time than a few extra spokes.

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