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Joined: Mon May 21, 2007 1:11 am

by tenax

Looking to get a new frame for the season....currently riding a Cannondale Supersix Evo (non Di2)

choices are

1) Storck Aero
2) Pinarello Dogma 65.1
3) Colnago C59
4) Canyon Aero
5) Look 695

looking to upgrade to Shimano Electronic too! let me know your thoughts...and to build a dream machine!

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by mann2

not meaning to troll, but why not just get the Di2 instead? Unhappy with the Evo?

by Weenie

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Joined: Mon May 21, 2007 1:11 am

by tenax

Not meaning to be a troll too, but the current Evo i am riding is not Di2 specific, so there isn't any internal routing to be done in addition the cable holders would be there too...I was thinking about keeping my evo for hiller rides with mechanical shimano and getting a DI2 specific bike so I can swap wheels (I can do that right?!)

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by superb

Maybe Look 695 aero?

I don't own it but it looks spectacular...

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by tenax

I don't think it's out yet

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by HillRPete

Easy, C59.

Ok I've not ridden any of those, but then again you didn't give any criteria either.

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by Sisbud

I were in the same boat as you a couple months back.
I owned a supersix evo and then i wanted to go and get a second bike.
Firstly, i wanted to get the C59, however due to the amount of wait time i chose the dogma 65.1 instead since i was able to get 1 in the color and size that i want immediately.
However, i haven't looked back since then and i found the dogma is a good companion for supersix evo. As you said, i will instantly get the evo for hillier ride and i will opt for the dogma when it comes to more flatter terrain.
They complement each other perfectly.
C59 is still a great ride though, however it is quite similar to the evo in terms of ride characteristics.

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by 9x12man

Ever considered the Wilier Cento 1SR? It rides great and is £1,000 cheaper than a Colnago C59. I compared both and without hesitation went for the Wilier. Plus you save £1,000 for wheels, gears and other bike porn.

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by djconnel

What you're on is already a dream machine. Di2 won't change anything.

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by Pantani

Given your current ride, I can see no reason to move to another round tubed frame. An aero frame might be worth considering, but only if your existing wheels are already optimised aero wise.
Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts.

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Joined: Mon May 21, 2007 1:11 am

by tenax

Thanks for the input guys, again don't mean to be a dousch, regarding the wheels, still considering between 3: mavic ultimate, meilensteins or also looking to get a TT bike.. Currently am riding mavic comics (bomb proof) love riding and playing with boys toys...

Did and maybe still considering Wiliers, nowadays the "super bike" universe seems so much more abundant!

So now the considerations:
Dogma (a tad bit porky)

For what it's worth I always lusted over LJs dogmas in the past - long time lurker...

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by roadytracky

Like Pantani said, how about an aero bike? Evo for the climbs and the aero Di2 bike for the flats and rollers. That seems like a great way to play with the big boy toys. As far as which aero bike? That's a tough question...Been trying to answer that for myself lately.

by Weenie

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