What do you do in the winter months to be ready to ride?

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by skiezo

I was wondering what others do when it is to cold to ride on a consistant basis?
Me, I do yoga,swim,light stuff at the gym,chiropractor,and stretch almost every day. I also have a pull-up/chin-up bar that I use a 3 to 5 times a week as well as a exercise ball to do some core training on. I also have a 8# medicane ball that I use on a consistant basis for core training. I try to get on the rollers at least once a week for 45 mins. or so.
Once a week I am in a 45 min. intensive spinning class at my local gym. Every Monday I go to a 1/2 hr. abb/core class that kicks my butt.
In the winter if I see it will be above 40 degrees I try to hit the road. Running kills my knees so that is out.
So, what do others do to do ready for when the weather breaks.
I hear it said that you are only as old as you feel. At 49 I feel pretty darn good most days. I try to keep physically and spiritually fit as I do not want to grow to old to quick.


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by sungod

if it's not icy, ride

uk doesn't get especially cold, last year riding in -7c was fine, just wear the right clothes, only slight hassle is when the water bottle freezes

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by HillRPete

If you get snow, you can probably do some XC skiing. If not, ride. Shame running is out for you, would have been another alternative, not perfect conditioning, but better than most of the things you list doing. Especially when lots of hills are involved.

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by superb

Above 4 degrees riding a CX bike.
Under 4 degrees cross-country skiing, walking in the hills, skiing, brisk walking.

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by bm0p700f

I keep riding through the snow ice wind and rain.

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by russianbear

Put on another layer and ride.

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by prendrefeu

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by edesigner

Skate Ski - Incredible workout and really compliments riding.

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by OJ


Or ride outside or on the trainer. Some core work too for this old dog.
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by euan

Try some cross country running on soft ground. Makes a massive difference to the knees
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by Kasparz

On working days trainer and gym.
On weekends even if it's -15c effing riding my bike.

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by sugarkane

Ride.. Weather is soo good here in Sydney you often ride more in winter than summer.
Some good winter gear and good lights.

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by Tapeworm

I don't understand the question.

How do you not ride?
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by lyot

Apart from cycling, I mainly do some swimming and core excercise.. The latter makes a huge difference for me

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