Open mold wide profile carbon wheels

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by Imaking20

Wow. Those look like a significantly better finish than the Farsport CC I had a while back. Especially the tire bed. Very nice.
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by Weenie

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by Stalkan

Those brake tracks look like they blend in pretty nice. Is there any lip there or does the track simply meld into the sidewall?

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by tharmor

Stalkan wrote:Those brake tracks look like they blend in pretty nice. Is there any lip there or does the track simply meld into the sidewall?

I agree with that. It looks well done.

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by tharmor

rainerhq wrote:Received these today from FarSports.
25mm outside; 18mm inside, 50mm depth, 20/28H
Weight: F493g; R500g

Sorry for the double post, but which model is this wheelset?

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by rainerhq

There is little lip. I´m very happy, they really look nice. Can´t wait to build the wheels, need spokes.
Model is R50C-700-25.
EDIT: Conti GP4000 25 measures 27,1mm on that rim (7BAR)
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by hansonator69

Any news on tubular versions? So far I've only seen clinchers :noidea:
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by knef

rimbed looks tip top

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by trillo1111

Looking for advice here... I'm looking to buy some carbon clinchers, and was leaning towards the farsports 38mm by 23mm wide (apparently it's their "cyclocross" version - 430g, just not listed for some reason), they are a little more V than U shaped, but still the profiles look pretty good. However, the new 50x24 farsports rim looks really good, bit more U shape than the 25, and still around 490-500grams. So, I'm debating mixing a 38mm front with a 50mm rear. Seems Enve is doing this with their SES3.4 (35 front 45 rear). The 50 rear should be a bit more aero than the 38, and being U shape should be relatively stable in crosswinds - and being on the rear should be easier to handle. However, I've never ridden more than a 26mm deep alum rim, and I hear rumours of a rougher ride with the deeper rims (the U shape may help?), and some recommendations for lightweight riders to avoid rims deeper than 40mm? I'm only 140lbs, ride pretty equal mix between flats and hills, they are going on a Felt F2. Help?

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by Tinea Pedis

prendrefeu wrote:All we need now is a 3rd party (meaning not a magazine, website nor blog) , non-biased and well designed test between all of these options, including the major manufacturers. That would be something!

Someone, totally independent of the cycling industry, is not going to shell out to run that sort of test.

You know that's not how it works. There's simply no ROI to justify the outlay.

But that is not to say a mag could not run the test ala the previous test Caley did. Whether you feel it's unbiased or not is up to you.

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by spliid

Are you guys ordering direct at farsports because I can't find them on velobuild?

Thx in advance

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by Toby

spliid wrote:Are you guys ordering direct at farsports because I can't find them on velobuild?

Thx in advance

Can't find them at either, and no way to order there anyway that I can see. Where can they be acquired?

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by kulivontot

All Farsports wheels are available here at the bottom: ... rs/home/17
All Farsports wheels are available for purchase direct at:
OR, by e-mailing with what you would like to purchase to Kyle Fu at:

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by twigstim

I hope they do not stop until we are riding carbon spherical hoops.

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by tharmor

Hongfu has updates their website to include the two new Aero wheels they will be offering. No other details at this time ::





I had to take screen shots and upload them that way since the images were not showing up otherwise, hence the substandard quality of the shots.

by Weenie

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by rothers

1st post on WW but have been following this thread for a while and its helped me with a buying decision, so only fair to pass the feedback.

Picked up a pair of the Yoeleo 23mm wide carbon clinchers, UD Matte built with Novatec's for local road racing and midweek time trials when i really dont want to be stranded on tubs with a disc and tri spoke should they P-------. 4 days to dispatch, 2 days to reach the UK and a week sat in you know where. Packaging was good as you might hope for and remarkably had not been thrown around too much.

Like the pictures of the farsports there is a small barely visible lip in places between the lower part of the brake track and the main deep section. Rim beds were a little dusty but smooth and easilly sorted out with a baby wipe before laying down the rim tape. Front Wheel came in at just over 700g - forgot to weigh the rear. 23mm wide and i think around 16mm inside. The finish is good.. i mean really smart,

Only issue i had was that the valve hole was pretty damn tight . There was some excess material in the hole that i had to punch out with a valve extender - If you're using valve stems that are threaded all the way to the base then these add to the tightness. Oh and the rim hooks - save your best swear words for getting the last bit of the tyre on. Tight is not the word! You would not want to be changing a tube in the rain outdoors on these!

Initial Impressions - ride quality - im struggling to tell the difference between a Corsa Evo CX tub on a 50mm gigantex rim and these. Shod them in 23mm Fortezzas which i've used for years on Ksyriums and are my go to tyre. I've run them in the past on narrow rims at 8.5 - 9 bar.

On the new wheels running them at 7 bar gives a similar same ride, but noticalbly more assured when cornering. I've only done around an hour on them in the dry due to the crap weather were having here but raced both days over the weekend on them - once on the TT bike in the wet, and a 40mile RR that was run off in light snow. For me not to worry / notice them in those conditions says something in itself. If anything the ride is a little more - im struggling for the word - rigid would be unfair, but they seem to hold the road and feedback more than tubs but not in a negative way - Braking was fine - not too grabby even in the wet just have to modulate your braking on them. Spin up to speed just fine and stay there but then the ride comes into its own round the corners..

Can't post any pics up as a new member but will be happy to mail them to another member to post up - will follow this up once i've got use to them with more long term post

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