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by skiezo

I am looking for a new frame to build up with a DA 7800 group that I have laying around. Here is what I think I am looking for.
I am on the down side of 50 and I do not need/want a super aggressive style bike for my longer rides on my shitty roads.
My racing days are long behind me. (Still have my first hi-end race bike tho from 1982)
So I am looking for a frame that has a bit higher head tube and a slightly relaxed geometry. I am looking most likely at carbon
as I have a custom steel and a custom ti for the shorter faster rides we do.
I was thinking about one of the C'Dale Synapse as it has a slightly longer/higher HT. What other frames would have the same/similar geometry as the Synapse? If I could find a parlee tall at a good price I would be all over it.
So, with that what other frames would/could I look at to achieve my goal.
It will be built up with some custom wheels or a set of nimble fly's.
I am 5'9" with a 31" inseam and in the 160 range.
Throw some thoughts out there if you would.

Thanks Skiezo

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by eric

FM-066SL? It has Cannondale EVO-ish geometry and a Cervelo R3-ish design. It's pretty light and should ride fairly well. Not sure the head tube is high enough for you though. But the price is worth running a few spacers.

and the FM-066 thread here.

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by hornedfrog

Trek Domane. Relaxed geometry, check. Taller headtube, check. Great over shitty roads. Seriously though, go test ride one of these if you can. I think you will be impressed.

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by AGW

Felt Z-series, Spec Roubaix

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by bm0p700f

A raw carbon monoque columbus SLX frame -it's not steel. It is laquered but other wise bare. The geometry looks pretty relaxed. There is also the Tifosi CK7 or the CK2 corsa. these frames have proper mudguard guard mounts as well for winter time.

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by HammerTime2

Consider using "fat" tires, at least for the rear, and make sure that ability to accommodate fat tires is one of your selection criteria.

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by bm0p700f

The Tifosi frames I have mentioned will take wide tyres.

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by Elrey

BMC Teammachine SLR01

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by superb

+1 for Scott CR1

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by skiezo

Thanks guys. There are alot more options than I thought there would be.
I like the specs of the columbus SLX frame, just could not find a distributor in the USA.
The CR1 looks good as well as the Felt. I will see if my LBS has one of the Trek bikes in stock to test ride.
I will have to check the spec's on the BMC but I like the look of that also.
I got out today on my custom Dean Ti for a nice 40 miler. I Really like the geo. of this so I will check it against the ones you guy suggested. I guess what I am looking for is something that does not have the seat to bar drop of the more aggressive
race frames. Being close to 50 I am not as flexible as I was even 10 years ago so something a bit more upright but not overly so is what I am looking for.
I will be doing a few longer charity rides this year so 50+ miles a day over 2 to 3 days will what this bike will be used for.
Keep the suggestions coming tho. I am in no big hurry as I have a 2 in stable now plus my Basso ascot from years gone by.

Thanks Skiezo

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by Murphs


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by imageking

There was a used Parlee Z5 in M/L tall on the BAY of Evil this week that didn't sell
Parlee Z1 Gloss SR11 Ali rims
Parlee Z1 Wax'd SR11 Carbon rims
Enigma Etape Ti SR11 +rack
Teschner TT - LW12spoke/LW Disc
Pinarello Opera 90's steel Rec10

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by mnmasotto

The Parlee Z5, Z5SL and the Colnago C50 are the most comfortable frames I have ever taken on long distance rides. The C59 is a close second to the above.

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by skiezo

The Parlee z5 is on my list as well as a Calfee as both of these can be had with an extended HT. There are a few others on the short list.
A friend of a friend has a calfee that he will be selling in the near future. I will contact him for the specs and get with him for
a nice long ride. The C50 is gonna be more than I can/want spend at this time. I am looking more at the pre-owned market as opposed to new as this will not be my main ride but more of a century/charity ride bike and anything over the 40 mile mark.I have set a price in the $2k range for frame and fork. I just want to make sure I test ride before I plunk down that kind of cash.
Being a few hour drive from Phila. NY,NJ,VA, and other places I am willing to drive a few hours to test ride before I buy.

Thanks Skiezo.

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