Scott Foil Rear Brake Issue

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by otis175

I'm looking for some input from any Scott Foil owners. I recently built up my Foil and my rear brake feels really spongy in contrast to the front brake. I used 5mm cable housing for the brakes without using ferrules because the cable stops that snap into the frame are too small for a 5mm ferrule.

Has anyone experienced this with their foil or used a different setup? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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by system787

No problems to report on my end. Maybe your rear brake nut is overtightened?

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by kampiakseli

I have not had eny issues with my Foil (30). I have used sram brakes with Nokon cables and Planet x brakes with alligator i-link cables. Both working ok.

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by merlin6014

No issues here - Scott Foil 40 with 105 rear brakes.

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by Geoff

This is not likely a Foil issue. What brakes are you running?

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by Zigmeister

Agree with above. Foil Team edition. Red brakes, works perfect.

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by bmxbandit

As a mechanic that has worked pretty regularly on these, I know what you mean tc. I'm not sure if this is something that only becomes evident with uk brake set up, but the inner cable can foul the steerer tube at certain angles, which along with the plastic cable stops/inserts not always being a great fit can lead to a degree of flex in the system.

I recently set up a foil for a paralympic athlete on our team who needs both brakes to run through one lever, I drilled out the stops for the rear brake and used a full linear brake outer for both brakes (through a problem solvers 2-1 adapter) feels better than any of the brakes on our stock foils!

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