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by Murphs


Sram Red Black
Rotor 3D Power2Max
Easton EA70 Bar & Stem (to be replaced by 3T)
Hed Belgium Rims/Sapim Laser/C-4 hubs - Veloflex Tyres

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by hansonator69

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
Slam your stem.

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by bura

Beautiful bike. :thumbup:
Now this one especially cries for a -17 stem.
Some deep rims would be a plus,too.
Kuota Kom Evo
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by Geoff

Ok, that's nice. +1 on the stem, though.

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by robertg

That is an amazing looking bike. It just looks like a rocket, and with a solid build.
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by lyot

Great looking bike ! What's the weight as he's featured here ?

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by Tillquist

Nice bike :-)
See all my bike h e r e

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by tonytourist

Awesome! Looking forward to a review :beerchug:

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by plpete

Great looking bike. I'm looking forward to seeing it with some deeper wheels :thumbup: I'm extremely happy with my SLR01 but this might be the next bike on my list.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

I am actually a fanatic of classic looking metal bike but


I was afraid of how bikes would look "in the 21st century" but this one is stunning

Geometry looks really really good for long and low position

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by Murphs

I'll look into the -17 stem, it was my first thought also.

Might post a pic later with race wheels

It's no light weight, i'd say 7.5kg as pictured.

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by nigel379

Beautiful. Can you give us a review of the ride? Wish I had the pockets for one.

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by Murphs

Race spec

Brief ride report:

I'll basically compare it to the ride of my Canyon.

The bottom bracket stiffness is on par or maybe superior to the Canyon
I haven't done enough cornering yet to get an idea on head tube stiffness

The best comparison I can give in ride quality is that the BMC in daily driver mode (Fulcrum Racing 7 Schwalbe Durano S 95/105psi) feels the same as the Canyon did with HED Belgium rims and Veloflex tyres.
The BMC also seems to soak up heavy impacts much better than the Canyon, through the handlebars and through the seat post.

I had a moderate cross-headwind for the first 30km of my ride, I didn't feel that gusts of wind affected the bike any more than they did on the Canyon.

I am keen to use the HED clinchers to see what the ride is like with them

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by bmcslt01

Hello are you running the 53 tooth qring? Did the derailure clear with out modifying the brazon hanger? Thanks great looking build

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by Valbrona

This is where aero frame design is at.

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