Zipp or Gigantex?

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by BobDopolina

kulivontot wrote:How is gigantex within $300 of a zip 404 firecrest? This seems like a no brainer for zipp. I don't think I'd pay more than $600 for a Rando china wheel.

Gigantex is a Taiwanese manufacturer with substanial OE presence, many long and stable business relations on several continents and EN certified products.

I agree that they are not Zipp but they aren't a trading company on eBay either.
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by kulivontot

$1500 for zipp is a good deal, $1200 for gigantex is a bad deal. Parts on bikehubstore are like $700. Zipp is the better wheel. Seems pretty easy choice.

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by solarider

I checked on bikehubstore. Couldn't see Chris King hubs on there. If you can price up the same build for $700, I'll buy another pair because they are fantastic wheels, and the build quality and service from Derek at Wheelsmith is amazing. Chris King hubs are expensive in the UK. It is that element of this build that bumped up the price, not the rims, which are cheap enough to replace that (and I stress again) I can use these wheels as my everyday/everypothole pair.

Gigantex are a reputable manufacturer, and make rims for many big names. With somebody else's stickers attached, I am sure many of us have bought their rims and rave about them. Have you actually seen these specific rims in the flesh to know how they compare in weight, build quality and shape?

I am generally a brand junky when it comes to my cycling kit, but these rims are great. I say that with Zipps 404, Lightweight, Hyperons, Boras and Reynolds in my wheel wardrobe. I can compare side by side.

In the end as time passes I have a great set of hubs on which to build numerous rims. given Zipp's spare rim prices, their product is virtually disposable rather than repairable.

I understsnd the price debate, but since I already own a set of Zipp 404s, I wanted something different.

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by Kasparz

Good thing you went for Gigantex. Isn't ZIPP already out of business? Does anybody even pays their own money for them?

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by kulivontot

Op posts a thread asking for opinions, gets those opinions and proceeds to blast those who disagree with his initial impulse. If you're already decided, why bother making a thread?
All I'm saying, is why throw $700 worth of hubs with generic Taiwanese rims with zero aerodynamic pedigree? If you have to explain to someone that your unlabeled carbon rims are Taiwanese, not Chinese, and they're totally legit because "other OEM's" use them, your rims are not reputable.
I'm sure your wheels ride great and you will enjoy them, I'm just stating that given the same budget, that is not the choice I would have made.

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by elviento

Gigantex (Equinox) rims are made to very high standards... IMHO, the decision comes down to firecrest v. traditional "V" shaped profile. Gigantex also makes a U shaped rim but it's not 50mm.
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