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by HenrikSwe

I´d like to see your first road bikes. Let´s see those old good looking steel frames and vintage Dura-Ace groups!
I start with my first. a Basso from ´94 equipped with 8-speed Campagnolo Athena. I bought it in 2002 and crashed it in 2005.

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by Kasparz

My first road bike was Post Soviet made Start Shosse from Harkovskij Velosipednij Zavod.
It was 2000. when I started cycling as a sport, did few training rides on a sports school's bike, spent all winter on track bike on rollers and then got my own start shosse. No indexed shifting, no clipless pedals, bike was so bad and heavy it even did not bother to break when I crashed into a car. My teeth did tho.
This is not my bike, but you'll get the idea how it looks like. Probably ex post soviet people will shout at me to remove this historical monster from the forum. :mrgreen: ... se+002.jpg" onclick=";return false;

by Weenie

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by fposse

Got my hands on an old Pinarello Montello that had been repainted with your normal painting brush. Looked horrible. Stripped the paint and got some new decals. Built it up with some NOS Campagnolo C Record and Zonda wheels. Took this for two or three rides before i sold it. Still regret it, but i was unemployed and couldn't afford having it just taking up space. Sure would be a nice wallpiece now but..


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by Rippin

MBK (Motobecane) Super Record with 1st Gen Campy Athena circa 1991

(*)/ (*)

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by incredibleting


First road bike, with upgraded parts I added on over time. Sold the frame with the stock parts and swapped the good stuff over to the caad ;)
Somewhere around 17lbs I think?

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by FilmAt11

The picture isn't my actual bike, but I first got a Bridgestone 400 in highschool. I rode it up Mt. Diablo near my home in California. I even put Specialized Tri-Cross tires on it and rode it in my first race - Santa Cruz cyclocross series - DNF ;).


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by thisisbenji

2010 Trek 1.2
1.2 by Benji Reynolds, on Flickr

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by gazzaputt


I cringe now at the cockpit setup :lol:

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by mellowJohnny

Reposted from the "Steel Bikes" thread...

Late 1980s Steve Bauer "Cyclone"

Ishiwata 022 tube set (was identical in spec to Columbus SP)
Suntour Sprint derailleurs (friction)
Suntour Cyclone hubs, brakes, crank
CT bar / SR stem
SR post / Avocet O2 Air saddle w/ Ti rails
Mavic GP4 tubs / DT Swiss spokes, brass nipples
Vittoria Rally 23mm tubs (training)
Original pedals were Suntour Sprint track, then switched to Look PP166 pedals
Shimano XT chain, Winner Pro 6 speed freewheel - 11-21
Record headset (new - original was Tange)
Tange fork

What I love about this bike is how plucky it is - nothing was mainstream. It was a great example of an underdog build - Suntour parts, Ishiwata tube set, Araya Red tubs (before I crashed them...). Unfortunately is was always too big for me, but I bought it when I was was my first "real" race bike. No idea what she weighs...don't really want to!

Edit: just found a cool link to an Ishiwata catalogue: ... pt%203.pdf" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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by HammerTime2

mellowJohnny wrote:Late 1990s Steve Bauer "Cyclone"
Looks like late 1980s. Sure enough, I checked the post in the steel bikes thread and you wrote late 1980s.

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by Bianchi10

My first road bike: Bianchi Via Nirone 7


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by xjbaylor


This thing was my intro to road riding. It made it about half a season before it was sold off for something much racier.

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by Renatita81

Some heavy metal!Image

by Weenie

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by Calnago

@Renatita81: I do believe that's the biggest Trek I've ever seen. Maybe it's the paint or the camera angle but what size is that and how long is the head tube. Trek doesn't do custom sizing do they?
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