2012 Scott Foil 15 project build - HELP

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by addictedr1


I have decided to begin a new project (old one was an Addict R1 :o ) and ventured into the world of Di2...

I have sourced a Foil 15 frame brand new from the states. and beginning the build and will keep this topic updated the project progresses. However, I have a few questions/queries about this bike before i begin, hopefully there are some other custom foil builders out there:

a) The headset: I'm having difficulties sourcing this headset. Its an integrated system and i know the bearing measurements, but is it drop in or press fit?

b) cable grommets and the brake stops: Do the Shimano di2 grommets fit the frame holes well? if not, does anywhere know where i can find the 'Scott' authentic items. My local dealer isn't very helpful. Or, has anyone had any success with another brand or style?

c) The brake cable routing: When installing this cable, does the cable inner and outer go all the way through the frame from shifter to brake, or do i trim the outer when i get my hands on the cable stoppers?

d) Suggestions for the BEST press fit BB for this build? preferably ceramic....

Thanks in advance and look forward to keeping people updated and maybe helping out people on this adventure :D

by Weenie

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by drchull

I have a mechanical 10 frame so can't answer the Di2 questions.
a)The headset is drop in.
b)Not sure but I would e-mail Scott directly. The mechanical and brakes come with specific plastic plugs that fit at the correct angle. They should come with your frame.
c)Just the inners go through the frame. The frame comes with the plastic grommets that fit into the frame. If you are getting it new that is included in the package with the frame. If you are buying used there would be no reason they didn't come with the frame. Otherwise again e-mail Scott.
d) I won't have an answer for this but what type of cranks? I used the Truvativ PF BB because I am using a SRAM quarq. It is BB86 and comes with the Shimano cups installed. If riding Shimano cranks frankly I would leave it.

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by addictedr1

Thanks for the info.

I did not get the brake stops or di2 cable grommets with the frame and still searching for these. I will call some dealers and post the shop if i am successful.

It does have the shimano cups already installed and im runnning standard Ultegra cranks atm. Im keen to upgrade these to dura ace or rotor possibly and some ceramic BB cups :) . But will get the bike up and running before doing this.

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by esuuv

My foil 15 came without any grommets for the cables - there are two types from shimano, oval ones and round - you need the round for the battery cable hole and the front and rear derailleur holes - and the oval for the front cable into the down tube, about 4 quid a packet I think (you get 4)

as has been stated before the rear brake cable has its own grommets that are specific to the frame - mine came with these installed.

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by louplooney

Hi guys I just bought a scott foil premium frame and it also came without grommets. The di2 kit from wiggle sorted out front and rear derailer holes and battery entry hole. The problem now is i need the the rear brake cable entry hole and the di2 hole in the head tube has no grommets as the standard ones are too small.
I have contacted scott uk (no help what so ever and basically very abrupt on the phone )
Could any of you guys point me in the right direction thanks.

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by Grill

Westbrook will be able to sort you out for any Scott spares. They've sorted my Foils and both my Plasmas.

by Weenie

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