S-WORKS Venge or S-WORKS Tarmac SL4

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by elliott123

Heya guys, I am in a predicament in which bike to choose :noidea:, the S-WORKS Venge or S-WORKS Tarmac SL4.
I am around 86KG in weight and am around 5'11 - 6ft. I do put down a lot of power (1300W) on short sprints (I am only a amateur) :D .
In the summer I'm going to the Dolomite range to cycle.
My initial thought is to get the venge but looking online more people say "Get The Tarmac", I want to know why?
The S-WORKS shop near me explained that the Venge has a stiffer rear but the Tarmac has a stiffer front, also the bottom bracket of the Venge is thicker and stiffer.
Now I know the immediate response of people will be to get the Tarmac. But uphill riding is not the only thing I do. I also love flats and downhill riding so the Venge is faster as you have the aero advantage, and next January I'm going to Hawaii to do flats so the Venge will do better there.
What I really want to know is if the Venge will climb well/be good as the tarmac on climbs.

I know the weight difference between the frames are like 150g. But I'm not at a good enough standard to notice the difference, also there is the comfort factor, the tarmac is apparently more comfortable but I have a good saddle and I have researched that the wheels and tires play a huge factor in "comfortness".

Also does anyone know the difference (if any) between the 2013 and 2012 framesets, The guys in the S-Works shop say that its only a few decals, the carbon and frames are identical, and the 2012 frame is £100 cheaper.

Many Thanks in advance :D .

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by BikeArmsRace

From the sounds of it, you're more of a flat-terrain kind of rider (I'm allergic to hills myself). I say get the Venge.
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by CBJ

I say get both.

Correct on the 2012 being the same as 2013 so no need to spend the extra cash.

I really think for an amateur like you and me it more about getting the bike that personally speaks to you. The one that makes you happy and makes you want to go ride you bike more and makes you feel faster. At the end of the day that is the bike that will make you faster not the small difference between the Venge and the Tarmac.

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by airwise

If you are 86kg and going to the Dolomiti, worry more about gearing and a comfortable climbing position.

Road surfaces there aren't the best in Italy so I would avoid something like the Venge which will give you no benefits whatsoever that I can see.

Enjoy. It's a great place to ride - if hellish at times. :)

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by elliott123

Many thanks guys. I couldn't resist the Venge it just looks amazing. So I got it!! Here it is with my Mavic Open Pro's (Training wheel) the two bags behind contain my zipp 404's.

Will put up a pic with them on =)
My S-Works Venge Project Black

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