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by manne

I'm one of those who listens to music during turbo trainer sessions and long distance rides.

How about sharing our Spotify playlists for some inspiration? I'm currently trying to put together a good list
for my indoor training, I'll post it as fast as it's finished.


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by Guy

You listen to music while on the open road? Madness. And I don't mean the band.

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by docmandu

I also listen to music on the open road and don't think its madness if you concentrate on other road users. Look around you and in front. Lets face it whatever is coming from behind you, if it hasn;t seen you is not going to be affected by whther you have heard them coming or not.

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by nathanong87

here's my current 20m 'FTP' test song list (lasts longer than 20m)

raise your weapon - deadmau5
nobody's perfect (netsky remix) - jessie J
bug hunt (noisia remix) - wreck it ralph/skrillex
the island, pt II - pendulum
death by robot - feed me
hold your colour - pendulum

for anything other than an FTP effort, i just listen to whatever else is playing randomly on the iphone.

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by jvanv8

My indoor riding playlist is on Spotify. 9 hours long, works for me.
Search "00 - Trainer" on Spotify.
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by zeitgeist

During hard efforts I'm mostly listening to DnB.
Last time I did 20min;s I was listening to these ones;
Black & Blue - Netsky Remix (Miike Snow)
Starlight - Netsky
Memories - Original Mix - Moleman
Prisma - Netsky

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by Tapeworm

Only ever on the trainer... on which I usually just to like to listen to myself whimpering in pain but some days I like to turn it up to eleven. Mainly so I can hear it over the gigantafan.

Tool (And Perfect Circle)
Nine Inch Nails
Faith No More
Rob Zombie
Rage Against the Machine
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by manne

Thanks for sharing guys.

Well, I only listen to music while riding alone on the country side roads where there is hardly no traffic at all
so safety isn't really a issue. Listening while riding in a group won't happen :smartass:

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by devinci

Since you're from Sweden, you *might* like what I listen to when on the trainer! :D

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by Cheetahmk7

Only on the trainer and all in CD format as I like to listen to albums in their entirety:

Judas Priest (by far my favourite)
JJJ 3 Hours of power

This is all music from my late teens/early 20's that has been removed from the house and moved down into the garage. The only time that I really want to listen to this music now is when I'm on my trainer.

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by Kermithimself

I usually watch some old bike races on the computer when on the hometrainer, but when I'm doing my FTP test I usually use this playlist

1. Slipknot - Vendetta
2. Volbeat - A Warriors Call
3. The Offspring - Youth Energy
4. Nine Inch Nails - Sin
5. Pennywise - Can't Believe
6. Stone Sour - 30/30-150
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