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by teleguy57

Been riding rollers for a while, and realized that I've always set tehm so the tops of the drums are level. That means the bike is actually always riding slightly uphill as the rear wheel sits between the two rear drums while the front wheel sits at the high point of the front drum.

Does that really matter, or should I be shimming the rear end slightly so that the bike rides level when measured front axle to rear axle?

How do you set up your rollers?

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by bricky21

I adjust my saddle and bars to compensate once winter hits.

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by Szczuldo

If I recall correctly by moving the axis of the front roller in front of the axis of the front wheel (i.e. wheel is not at the very top of the roller) just slightly you gain stability and you no longer have this problem.
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by teleguy57

Thanks; I'll have to check on how far apart the front frame holes are drilled to see if I can move the front roller back slightly.

It's probably one of those insignificant things, but I did want to check with those here with experience.

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by skiezo

I set my sportcrafter rollers as per the link below. There is a pic of how to set the front wheel. ... manual.pdf


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by KWalker

E Motion recommends that the front roller be right underneath the front axle. I use a plumb line to figure it out. Pretty easy once its dialed.
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by Juanmoretime

I have Sportcrafters too and my axle is slight behind the center of the roller. I've been riding rollers like this for along time.

FWIW The Sportcrafters are the best I have ever ridden. I have 5 years on mine and still spin as smooth as the day I bought them.

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by 11.4

If the front wheel is slightly in front of the axis of the front drum, it stabilizes the wheel and makes the bike easier to keep straight. If the wheel is right on top of the roller, it rides like a very responsive bike -- easily steered but not out of control. If the front wheel is in back of the front drum, it tends to want to turn because the drum is encouraging a turn. If you are hands free with the wheel behind the drum, it will tend to veer. It's hard to ride that bike hands free and if you lose it, it's harder to regain control because you have to overcompensate to bring it back. I'd always recommend having the front wheel slightly in front of the front drum, by no more than half an inch.

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