Look Keo vs Speedplay

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by thencameyou

Thinking about going back to Look Keo (Blades for the good bike, Keo2Max for trainer), from Speedplay. (Currently running Zero Ti/Stainless).

Speedplay Pro's:
- Light
- Adjustable ++
- Double sided

Look Pro's:
- Still pretty light (especially the Ti blades)
- minimal cleat wear, and cheap cleats
- bigger platform?

So please tell me if there are any compelling arguments I'm missing. Biomechanically I can fit fine on Looks, I'm using 3-hole shoes so no issue there. If I sell my speedplays on Ebay, it'll essentially be a cost-neutral exercise...

BTW. Not interested at all in Shimano, and Time would just be weird on a Look frame.

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by dereksmalls

The question is why are you thinking of moving off Speedplay to start if everything with them is kapai?

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by thencameyou

Biomechanically no issues. I do get a bit sick of the cleats wearing so quickly (even with the sole protectors in place), especially at $60 NZD a pair.

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by Getter

Went from Keo to Speedplay and not looking back. Best part of the SP pedal is the dual sided entry. I've got over 6k on my SP cleats...and still going. The grease port is a nice touch on the SP's too.

Other cool thing about the SP's is the Platformer. Lets me ride around without having to use my riding shoes. :mrgreen:
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by Pharmstrong

I recently went from Keos to Speedplay. I don't intend to go back. The only downside I felt was that the Keo felt noticeably wider underfoot, which I liked. The duel entry and free, adjustable float outweigh that feeling for me though.

I am interested to see how long the Speedplay cleats last; they look pretty robust. Does anyone know if the c-clips in either pedal are identical? It would appear to me you could extend the life of the cleats by exchanging the c-clips if you're like me and only ever unclip one foot whilst riding?

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by Geoff

The reason I like the Look system is that you can run zero float. That makes for a really solid feel and an injury-free ride over the past 25+ years.

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by dvincere

Speedplay zero's can be run with zero float too, so I'm not sure you can count that as an advantage of Look pedals.

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by JackDaniels

I went from keo to speedplays for two sided entry. The needle bearings blew after a few months. I figured it was a fluke and got another pair of speedplays and the needle bearing blew out again. So I'm back on Keo (carbon), I think the pair I'm on now has around 15k miles...

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by dvincere

I'm not trying to defend Speedplay as I recently stopped using them but, JackDaniels, it tells you in the manual you need to add grease on occasions (and gives you a schedule). I blew my first pair not doing this, my second pair lasted many tens of thousands of miles. If the bearings are going it's not the pedal's fault.

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by CharlesM

I prefer the more stable platform of look...

Dual sided entry isn't a feature for speed play its a necessity because they don't automatically drop into position for engagement.

I have pairs of both sitting around but I just like the stability of the look platform and the cleat cost being a fraction...

The float for both brands works well, they're both very secure, the weights are similar for the full systems...

You can't go wrong or call either one a "winner" as much as stating your personal pref...

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by bura

I am on Keo 2.
Was a necessity because I purchased my current bike with the pedals.
Will never change to Speedplay but am thinking of changing to Exustar E-PR200CKTi.
Same platform as Look.Look Keo cleats compatible.
Lighter than even Look Blade Ti. (14 gr lighter-one pair)
Cleats are 2gr lighter.(4gr-pair)
18gr weight gain for the system.
Plus a better price. :D
What else?
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by Imaking20

I started on Keo 2 Max and went to Speedplay zero Ti for the double sided entry. For me, the weight and double sided entry were the only bonus. I had a very difficult time getting used to the feel of finding the pedal with my foot and I CONSTANTLY came unclipped during harder efforts. After a few months of use and still being unhappy with them - I sold them. Back to the Keo2. Just picked up some blades for the other bikes.

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by dereksmalls

That's the first I've heard of someone coming out of Speedplays under hard efforts. Were you twisting your feet really excessively when doing the effort? Or were you puliing up really hard? I've never come out unexpectedly either twistin gor pulling up. I don't know how you could pulling up to be honest.

What was happening? What version of Speedplay were you using?

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by vtrich

Used Looks for a number of years,...got tired of the squeaks and decided the free float of Speedplay would be good. I used
Speedplays for 10 years with no problems. They were totally reliable. Last year I switched back to Look. I have several
sets, including the Blade Ti. Basically, I found the cleat/peddle interface would slowly wear on the Speedplays. After
awhile my foot would easily rock side to side (as if one were rolling their ankle). This would happen slowly but eventually
I'd get to the point where it was noticable and annoying. I think the larger Look platform is good for me and they don't seem
to be as vulnerable to that pedal/cleat wear.

Just my $.02.


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by shimmeD

Biggest + for me is the low stack height; it doesn't feel like I'm wearing stilettos :roll: I use a Northwave 3 to 4-hole adapter on Bont 3-hole shoes. Next are weight and cost after 'illegal' aftermarket ti spindles. Dual entry is nice feature.

Pedal and cleat wear is an issue, but stack height far outweighs this con.

Pedals used in chronological order: Speedplay, Keywin, ShimaNo SPDR, Suntour/Time, straps a la Kelly.
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