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by bigcalves

I did a search and found HED wheels mentioned a lot, but no one recent topic on them. If I missed it feel free to let me know.

Looking for some new race wheels, I have been on Mavic Cosmic SLR's, but time for a change. I have ridden the new Zipps, they were fine, but did not blow me away. I have spent the last week on a set of ENVE 6.7. I liked them (best carbon braking I have ever used), but they felt a bit too deep for a go too wheel. I felt like I would love an ENVE 5.6 if they ever made that combo.

I hear and read a lot about HED, and I have seen lots of positive comments on here. But I have never ridden them and really do not know too many people who own them. Looking at the numbers they are certainly heavier for a set rim depth than ENVE and ZIPP and I know this is Weightweenies after all. But I was I was looking for any comments on the Jet 5 or a Jet 6, or Stinger 5 or 6. I would love to hear from people who actually own these wheels and have time on them for training and racing.


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by Geoff

Ok. Let me be unequivocal. The Hed Stingers are my favourite all-around race wheel. I run Hed 9's or Hed 6/9's. They are light, adequately stiff, fast and stable. The braking surface is good, too. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast race set. I would recommend you run a 25mm rear tire, as the C2 rim makes them susceptible to pinch-flats.

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by Szczuldo

Since you are looking at the newer ones my experience may not apply perfectly. I have an older set of HED jet 6. I forget the year but I bought them used some years back. They are still running strong but starting to show their age. The braking surface is not as grippy as it used to be and on the rear wheel the carbon fairing is coming loose around where the valve stem is. I still ride them nearly every day and have raced on them. HED makes great wheels and most likely I will buy a set of the newer ones once these bite the dust. Whatever ones you get, if you take care of them they will take care of you.
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by Imaking20

I'll echo what Geoff said with the exception that I've not yet raced on them. I recently bought a set of used HED Stinger 6 to race on and I've been spending a fair bit of time training on them. They're a blast to ride! It really only took me one ride to forgive the weight penalty because they hold speed SO well, handle great, and break awesome with yellow Swissssssstopssss. I'll probably end up adding another front or rear at some point in a different depth.

To be fair, I can't compare then to Enve as I've never ridden on Enve!

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by jmilliron

I've got a set of 2011 Jet 4 wheels. Stiff, snappy and the hubs are like butter. Love them.
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by Geoff

The other cool thing is that Hed 9's make it sound like you are riding a jet bike...

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