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by Pepijn2010

I just received two new KCNC Ti Lightweight QR. Just installed them on my bike, which saves me more than 80 grams on the QR alone (!) - coming from Campa's QR to these (46 grams) !
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by AttacknowAttackoften

Try a hollowgram. I'm about to switch to one from a quarq. I think that's something like -20 grams per USD lol.
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by 1spd

Another option is the Specialized Sworks crank. They are pretty light and you can find them used. Actually you can find just about everything you need to lighten up your bike used or at lower costs if you just do some searching.

If you are concerned about $ / gram then you are in the wrong game! Sure there are somethings that are going to save you more than others or provide you more for the buck and a quick start there is a seat post. I just picked up a Hylix carbon in a 27.2x410mm with a weight of 160g for $70 on ebay. Once cut down to about 280-300mm it will probably be closer to 130g. A KCNC ti-lite pro runs about $90 for a 27.2x350 and weighs 140g out of the box.

Tires can shed weight as well. I didn't look at the pictures too closely to see what you are on but my Veloflex Corsa's weigh in at about 190g each for a clincher tire. You can shed weight in your tubes as well by picking up some light weight ones. I typically go cheap here and just run ones I get from Performance or Bontrager ones. Both weigh in at about 70-80g each.

Brakes...KCNC C7 brakes weigh in under 170g for the pair and cost just under $300.

Pedals, I picked up a used pair of Speedplay X1 ti pedals that are in brand new condition for $185 shipped. Weight is 155g for the pair. You can find ones that are a little more beat up for far less.

Chain, KMC x9 or x10sl chain (which ever one you need) for about $45 on ebay.

I wouldn't waste my time on things like ti bolts and stuff until you have tackled some of the larger items. I know you bought wheels already and I am a big fan on them, however, there are much lighter options out there. Even having something built for you w/ light rims, nice spokes and light weight hubs. Again you can find all this stuff on ebay if you know what to look for.

Hope this helps some. Good luck and keep tuning.
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by Pepijn2010

Just a quick update from my side (see pic.)
Added new Dura Ace 7900 wheels on the CAAD10 (ok - no weight saver - but they ride really well !).

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by NiFTY

Those C50s will have added several 100 grams, i imagine.

Best $/g. Get continental supersonic tubes. Saves 100g for about $16. + it all peripheral rolling weight.

Next KCNC skewers. Anyone that says they don't hold a wheel in is full of &^*(. I have done over 10,000 k on them. They look great and save huge weight and clamp with a tonne of force.

Then groupset. Can't tell if its ultegra or 105 but there is a lot of weight to be saved by doing to DA/red or force.
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by Pepijn2010


I already got the KCNC skewers :-) they are great indeed !

Groupset: currently I am running the Ultegra groupset - switched chain, pedals to D/A.

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