Helmet for a round head.

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by campbellrae

As per the title, I have a round head and am having real problems finding a replacement for my old Met Stradavarius. It's now nearly 9 years old and has been in a few crashes so it's time for a new one. So far I have tried:

Giro Atmos/Prolight - No chance, too tight at the sides(above the ears) and a big gap at the front.
Giro Aeon - The closest so far, still quite a big gap at the front though.
Mavic Syncro and Plasma - Both awful, very very tight at the sides and big gaps front and rear.
Abus - Tried most of the range and they were all really bad.

So, does anyone else have any suggestions for helmets that might fit? Have heard good things about Kask but finding a stockist in Scotland has been nigh on impossible.



by Weenie

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by TimW

LAS Victory or Catlike. Totally different fit. Both of these are really comfortable for me whereas Giro and MET helmets are somewhat uncomfortable for my head (I have to take pads out to even make them fit!)

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by hotshod

I have just replaced my 10 year old Met with a Camera Radius , and I like it. Great venting, very koooool
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by OrPe

Lazer, (The ones with their "rollsys" system) are very nice.

Their tightening system is based on a wire that runs along the circumstances of the helmet, so that it tightens from all directions and not just front-back as most do.

I use the O2 and am very happy with it.

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by Ghost234

Try Kask. The first thing I noticed when I tried one on was how well it fit. They do an amazing job and are definitely worth a look.

The Mojito and Vertigo also have a rounded interior and fit round heads exceptionally well.

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by audiophilitis

+1 on the LAS Victory

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by trustbran

I also have had issues just like you, round head! What fits me extremely nice and is quite lite too is the Uvex FP3.0. It's worth a look trust me.

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by Berk

audiophilitis wrote:+1 on the LAS Victory

also Las Anubi is similar
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by mikeyc

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Bell yet. It fits my big fat round head pretty good.

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by mikeyc

It's a Bell Volt btw.

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by Sjoerd

I have a round head and I'm very happy with my Lazer Genesis. It's my second one. The rollsys-system is great!

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by Geoff

+1 for Bell. I got that for my girlfriend. It fits her little! Round melon pretty well.

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by eordman


My first thought was a bell. I loved my sweep but cracked it. The short term replacement is a Giro that is just too tight on the sides. Specialized seems to sometimes fit like bell and sometimes like Giro :noidea:

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by robertg

I have a round head too and have good experience with Giro Aeon and Bell Volt. I heard the new Cannondale Cypher is supposed to be good too, but have not had my hands on one yet to try it out.

by Weenie

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by campbellrae

Thanks for all the suggestions, some good ideas. Now to see if I can find an LBS that stocks any of the above...

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