Gravitas Cranks

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by Weenie

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by djconnel

This photo was curious:


In any case, the similarity/contrast to Rotor (which wasn't original in this design) is interesting. But instead of drilling holes, Ted's merging tubes. End result seems similar.

Mythical's cranks from 2009:

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by mythical

Please, they're from 2007 and predated even the conception of Rotor's 3D cranks in the heads of them Rotor peoples. And even then, Craig from EE Cycle Works deserves all the credit for the triple hole drilling pattern! :exactly:

Anyway, although I don't find the Gravitas aesthetically pleasing, and feel free to disagree with that opinion, I also believe Ted is well underway to finally release a crankset that works. Give the man a break and don't thread on his dreams. He has my respect just for trying. Kudos from me, Ted! :thumbup:
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