Nashbar AL/Carbon frame Budget WW build.....

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by Bianchi10

Syncmaster, whats up! good to see you over here too. :thumbup: Bike looks great mang!

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by Parlee2013

Great bike... looks the part.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did it all come to?

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by syncmaster

HaroldC wrote:Great build for the budget!

Did you get to weight the Omni seatpost? I thought about getting one, but wonder how accurate the claims from eBay are. Also, how difficult is it to adjust?

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Sorry for the late replies. I haven't been on WW in a while and some of these posts came quite a bit after I originally started the thread.

The Omni Racer seatpost is great. I weighed it and it actually came out to 153g which is about 20g overweight.

As far as overall cost. My original build before I got the WW bug cost about $1,100. Since then I think I've brought it to around $2,000 but I'm not entirely sure. It's all been on a budget but It's been a long process to get the bike to where it is.

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