Homemade full carbon shoes.

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by megalightman

Has anyone made their own full carbon shoes?

I was thinking about giving this a try as I have a few ideas of how I'd make 80% off the shoe, but need ideas on securing feet, heal mainly.
I'll give a rough rundown on how I thought I could do it:
Buy a 3mm carbon sheet (I think Bont soles are 3mm?), cut a basic outline for the sole, put one or two thick pairs of socks on wrapped in plastic, and then wrap carbon over the front half of my foot and underneath to the sole, sit in front of the fire for a few hours while it drys!
This, I'm hoping, will give the shoe a custom fit where I can use different size socks/insoles to get the best fit.
This is kinda as far as I can get.

Any ideas on how I should/could I go about making the rear/heal area?

I would love to do the whole shoe in carbon, but I'm having trouble thinking of ways to get the foot in and keep it secure without having to have the hassle of attaching ratchets or Velcro straps.

One idea I did have, is to somehow have the heal section slide on from the back and click into place securing the foot, but I'm not sure if I could make that work, or even make something like that!
Or, I'm sure I could make part of the heal area and make it low enough to get my feet in (like slippers), but I would still need something to keep the heal down, hmmm.

Am I living in a fantasy world, or could this be possible?
Feel free to offer advice or just have a good laugh :lol:

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by 113245

Well for starters I would make a cast of the foot as opposed to trying to work off of your own... it would be loads easier. Also as far as I know you don't just buy 3mm thick carbon sheets... you buy the fabric and the epoxy, and the fabric is a lot thinner than 3mm. You can build it up by layering lots of sheets. You'll have to do that anyways since carbon is only really strong in one direction. Then you're gonna have to vaccuum bag the thing to set the resin/epoxy stuff which will harden the cf... its somewhat involved. I definitely think its doable (I was on the verge of posting this question myself) but honestly it'll probably be cheaper (and safer!) to have someone who knows what they're doing make them. I say safer because you have to have some sort of cleat mounting system for your shoe, and if you dont design that well and it pulls apart mid-sprint, well... not fun.

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by Burgunder

This is not much help, but I guess that you can gather some information here http://www.simmonscyclingshoes.com/road/

There seems to be a lot of great videos on youtube, going through the process of making skatingboots I would imagine, that the process would be the same for cycling shoes.

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