THM Clavicula and DOGMA 2 (help needed)

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by billstr

I have the same exact problem with a Record EPS that I recently installed into a Cannondale Supersix EVO, originally built for Di2. The BB cups and crank are stock Campagnolo and the arms are already super close to the FD, so I'm guessing that it's it'a derailleur twist/alignment issue. I can understand rub on the biggest ring, but not the top 3.

Here is a picture of what this rub looks like, but it's tough to capture the angle that suggests a slight mis-alignment in the braze-on mount. In the photo, you can see that there is plenty of clearance on the inner half of the cage, but contact on the outer.

I'll hack on this a bit tonight and let you know what I find out.

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by billstr

thisisatest wrote:So i took a look at the bike in the shop.
Id try this:
Shift the bike into the big/big.
Hold the MODE button until the control box light turns purple.
Press the large paddle on the left shifter until the derailleur inner cage plate does not rub the chain.
Tap the MODE button.
Check shifting overall. I believe the chain will have plenty of clearance overall, including more than usual in the large ring/small cog. I think this extra clearance in the hardest gear is why your bike was adjusted how it was.

I've tried the ride settings with my FD rub (see prev reply) and at some point the FD adjustments max out and don't permit for the cage to move any further to the right. It's probably a safety thing that prevents people from dropping the chain on the crank.

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by djconnel

Seems the frame and crank are designed to incompatible priorities.

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by thisisatest

I've seen this before, and solved it. I will try to remember to look at an EPS bike first thing in the morning to review my steps and then get back to you.

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