Alloy clincher rim review

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by Guerdi

Thanks guys, extremely useful review.

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by bm0p700f

Kavitator-max tension limit on the DT RR415 is 1100N.
Max tension on the Kinlins is ~1200N
Mavic claim a max tension of 700-900N on the open pro. I have found they are fine up to 1100N, they will even take 1200N.
The Velocity A23 seems fin up to 1200N tension beyond that the rim starts to complain when building (stress releving throws it out, keeping the tension below 1200N and stress releiving does not throw it out all the time).

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by HaroldC

Great review. I always love the Fairwheel reviews..... Saved me a bunch of money reading the brake shoot out! :)

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by WMW

kavitator wrote:What about max spoke tension of each rim? it will be very useful data

This is sometimes stated, but it's really a trial and error thing. And the amount of stress you put on the spokes/rim in use will vary a lot depending on how it is built and how you ride.

120kg is usually good for the DS, and 100kg for the front.
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by Rush

So in summary : "We loved the Hed C2 but got fed up with Hed abandoning the market so we decided to build our own" :wink:

I'm on Hed C2s at the moment and was looking at the H Plus Son for my next build. Will keep an eye out on the Pacenti though.

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by mattydubs

With the TB14 around I don't know why you'd buy the Open Pro. In the hard ano version it looks like the prized CD version of the Open Pro before Mavic started slipping... I say that because the last two wheelsets I've owned that were Mavic and one I worked on (Kysriums and Ellipses) had slag in rattling around inside. I think their quality control has gone down hill and they have some of the heavier carbon wheels out there too.

Plus the TB14 is wider and H+Son stuff is made very well (despite those horror videos of some knuckle head "fgfs" ing and ruining an early set of SL42s) and I've seen people put it through the wringer.

The Archetypes are going on my next wheelset. Those things are sick.

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by MajorMantra

mattydubs wrote:With the TB14 around I don't know why you'd buy the Open Pro.

Weight? The TB14 is wider, but it's also quite a bit heavier.

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by nspace

I would definitely be interested in the TB14 if it was a bit lighter, seems like it could be possible.

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by ergott

This is a nice alternative to the Open Pro.

Pacenti PL23 - under 420g.

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by mattydubs

MajorMantra wrote:
Weight? The TB14 is wider, but it's also quite a bit heavier.

True. I guess I've only considered rims like that for my riding around town/commuting bike where I hardly pay attention to weight...

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by ticou

I'm looking to replace my ksyrium elites with Record on DT RR 465. Would this be a significant improvement and will there be a large weight penalty with the DT's? My elites are 1550g, and I don't want to go far north of 1665g.

Thanks in advance

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by kavitator

bm0p700f - thx for info

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by Mclennan

I have the hard ano TB14s in 28h and I am very impressed with them. No they aren't the lightest rims in the world but they ride beautifully especially with the Veloflex Masters on. They look pretty cool as well which isn't the reason you use them but it doesn't hurt!" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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by bikewithnoname

Excellent review as ever, keep up the great work guys. Any view on the Ambrosio Excellight?
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by HillRPete

Loving the PL23, great looks and weight too.

Anyway, my 36h Open Pro (ceramic) wheels have lots of years in them, still ...

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