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by Geoff

It's funny. I am pretty fastideous about my position. Every time I get a new bike, I get the Fitstik on it right away. I end up having to adjust for different saddles, if I like them, but otherwise, it has to be ;just so'. For some reason, this does not apply to bars! I have no problem using whatever bars the Team uses, as long as the hoods are in the right spot. Weird.

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by KWalker

the arms don't move and can take up a ton of slack. that's one reason why I don't get why people fret over 5mm spacers or 10mm in length- there has to be pretty substantial changes to really throw things off.
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by maverick_1

Still have the Deda Newton Shallow bars on my race bike (TIME VXRS Ulteam), my three other "weekend" bikes (Cipo RB1000, Colnago Master, C50) is currently on the modern Easton EC90 SLX short/shallow bars.
In terms of wrist comfort especially when riding on the hoods, my preference is the Easton. The upper - flat portion on the Easton bar is very much welcome as oppose to traditional bend bars.


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by Calnago

I like some of the FSA bends but not a fan of the shallow drop. Also had a Deda Presa with the RHM bend. Never could get used to not having a flat spot on the drops so gave them away to a friend and went back to classic shape (3T Rotundos). Also have the Deda Campione (classic bend) which is very similar to the Rotundos except the drop is a bit deeper. It's my favorite bar. Especially on larger frames (which usually have larger riders) I think the shallow bars are too shallow and actually look out of proportion on a larger frame. Also depends on which group you use as different groups fit differently on different bars.
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by 743power

What KWalker said. I've had a ton of different shapes. I've definitely had the rotundos in use for more time than any other bar. I have the FSA classic bend bars on my cross bike, which are damn near identical to the rotundos.

On my road bike right now I actually have some ec90 slx3. Basically because I cut my hours way way back last year due to injury and these are the most comfortable in the hoods for cruising at low intensity. The main downside of this shape, which is compounded by the shape of the new red levers is the reach to the levers in the drops. Because the drops fall away from the levers so much, I have to adjust the levers in towards the bars a lot. Also, the almost right angle from the flat to the hood makes it hard to stand up out of the saddle while out of the drops.

It's possible to set up levers on the rotundos in a way that they are comfortable and not TOO low while on the hoods, but they can offer the most amount of control while in the drops. I usually have the flat part of the drops angled up a couple of degrees, but not too much.
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by dwb

After using Ritchey Classic bars for years, I am finding myself in the same boat, since I am switching to Ritchey Curve bars. The bike is being rebuilt, so I have not had the opportunity to ride the new bars yet. I can already tell that I will miss the long flat section at the end of the drops on the Classic bars, but I was never happy with the way the top transitioned into the hoods, where I spend most of my time.

Keeping in mind what KWalker said, will I be wanting to change my stem or spacers? The hoods had always felt high on the Classic bars, and if those are 2cm lower...

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by CerveloMikey

I just switched from S Works Tarmac bend (140/80) to Enve compact (127/79). Not that drastic of a change. So far so good. Seems to be more comfortable for me.
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by teleguy57

Still in the search. Went from Bontrager XXXL semi-traditional to FSA Omegas, to Easton SLX90s, to Zipp Service Course SSR, and now have a set of FSA Energy New Ergos I'll be installing.

Liked the Bontrager shape but needed less reach due to some cervical disc issues. Love the shape of the Omegas but wanted more drop (they're still on my rain/CX bike). Easton's were +5mm deeper, liked the shape, but I'm a big guy and the flex was a bit much. Zipps are very close in shape to the Easton's but a bit less reach, which was OK. I liked the drops of the Zipps better, particularly when deep into the drops.

I'm trying the New Ergo shape because the specs show significantly more drop (150mm) with a short(ish) reach of 80mm. And the FSAs are longer on the drops which I like.

If I'm not enamoured of the New Ergos I'll likely try a set of Rotundos as it looks like they provide more drop to the hoods than the newer compact bars. Am curious too about the Deda Campione which was mentioned in an early post in this thread, but having a hard time finding them. Anyone have any sources for a 42 or 44cm set?


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Deda still makes the Campiones, I think if you search their site, you will find them.

As far as the FSA New Ergo, I raced those for most of the season last year, and I cant say I did not dislike them. Matter of fact, I still have them, so that may also be an option for me as well. I think the less reach works for me better than the less drop.

The Rotundos I have now always seem good in one aspect and not so good in another aspect, and what I mean by that is, that if I get the hoods and reach in a good position, the drops dont feel right, and vise versa.

My best position in racing is me getting in a break and time trialing my way to the finish, so being able to lay over the tops of the hoods has alway been my most powerful position.

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