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by solarider

Decided to sell the Lightweights. I am about to move to Hong Kong and wanted something easier to repair and maintain myself (traditional spokes).

Have gone for 404 Firecrests. Amazing wheels. I can see how they won't fit certain frames as they are appreciably wider than a normal rim. Seems strange at first looking down and seeing the rim wider than the 23mm tire, but now I am used to it.

And just for the fun of it, the Hyperons off my forthcoming Colnago Master 30th AD10 build (can't wait for that one - damn those Italian lead times!). Think this bike looks and rides better with deep sections, but the Hyperons spin forever and are definitely more than the sum of their parts.



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by nismosr

looks great .. what size is the frame ? how's the ride ?

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by nspace

Looks fantastic with the Campagnolo wheels!

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by Juanmoretime

Well I personally think it looks better with the Zipps on it. I think any deep wheel as to the look of any bike.

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by kgt

nspace wrote:Looks fantastic with the Campagnolo wheels!


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by boots2000

What bottom bracket are you running in thos fine bicycle?
Can you post dimensions? Wondering about the size, angles, top tube length, head tube length, etc.

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by ronderman

Without question the Hyperons - those are the coolest wheels, like, ever. I love the moots, a ton, but the slope is just too much for me. I'm not a strict traditional guy either, but their slope is just too much.

With that said, sweet bike and without a doubt - Hyperons.

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