Extreme Makeover: Trek 1500 Edition - [Complete pics Page 2]

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by artray

Here is a chap with some serious bike and has already explained his seat position . Lets move on and ask if there are any plans to change anything in the future?

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by Valy

Not even sure if I like the bike more or the idea behind it! For me it's most important about how you feel on the bike - it does not matter what it looks like, how much electrical tape it has or how bling or not it is.

Super nice! Thanks for sharing! :thumbup:

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by thisisbenji

Love this build!!! I used to have a Trek 1200, that while not this built up, was still pretty heavily modified. I loved that bike. I ran into some financial problems and had to sell it though...

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by craciunptr

Hi just curious what was the final weight...

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by jbaillie

Very cool build. The THM bits work so well.

And c'mon people, lay off on the position critiquing. Different riders have different bodies, and we all need something that fits.

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