New SRM PowerController (if you have everything)

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by Geoff

Either that or there may be a new transmitter coming that sends wired signal to a PC7...

by Weenie

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by handler

I have a been told several things about the PC8 and sadly all I can tell is that it's a game changer. It got some really out of the box features. But I have also been told that it's not around the corner. If you are in need of a SRM get the PC7 and sell it later.

And one more thing. It's not only the control thats in development.

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by devinci

Any more info on an eventual PC8 ?

Anything new for 2013? I saw the mtb units seem to have increased battery life (+~250h)

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by Frankie13

KWalker wrote:I love my PC7, but would love to see-

-Changeable data fields
-AP or NP on the same screen with current power
-A 4th button because I'm too forgetful to remember the proper codes to get to the menus I regularly use.

I was thinking to buy a PC7 but must say I really like all the display options of my Joule2.0 and the new Joule GPS. I haven't had a chance to play around with the PC7 but from what I've been reading the SRM unit provides a lot less data on the screen.
I really like to look at my NP and IF during intervals but if I understood right, all this data is not available during intervals on the PC7, is this correct? I'm ok with not having GPS.

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by KWalker

No, those are not features.
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by Frankie13

KWalker wrote:No, those are not features.

Thanks, not the news I wanted to hear!

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by DartanianX

New SRM PC7 Firmware, anyone know whats new?

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by claus

Which firmware version is it? I can only find 250612 and the changes are listed.

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by Causidicus


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