Disc forks for a comfy gravel ride

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by HillRPete

I'm currently running a Kinesis DC37 fork on my do-it-all bike, and wondering if there's any more comfortable options to take the sting out of longer gravel rides. As high quality as the paved roads around here are, as harsh, rocky and washed out are the (closed to general traffic) gravel covered "logging roads".

Surly Disc Trucker looks nice. What's the opinion on it and similar (steel) ones? Do they have more flex than rigid carbon forks?

by Weenie

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by limba

I'd try the fattest tires that will fit your bike before messing with the fork.

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by gt5504b

I had very good luck with dirt and gravel road riding in the past with a Vicious Cycles steel fork. The ride was very smooth and forgiving, yet not too flexy.
At the same time, I've not been impressed with cheaper cro-mo or hi-ten forks on road and cross bikes.
So I would highly recommend finding a highend fork if you go steel.

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by HillRPete

limba, sure, the thing is my rides are a combination of bad gravel, and great road. I could run a 42mm Conti Cyclocross Speed or something, but would be happier if I got away with 32-35mm tyres.

gt5504b, will check it out, thanks.

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by rustychain

I have been doing lots of dirt road/grael riding this past year on my road bike. I have a 953 frame with Edge 2.0 fork. I use my cross wheels built with Major Tom rims, 32 spokes front and rear with Record hubs. I use Dugats 27 PR tires. I also double wrap the handlebars. IMO this is all a bit of overkill for these type of roads. Heck, this is more a cobbles set up. That is far harder on a fork then your typical gravel road. :beerchug:
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by bobqzzi

I know this is the weight weenies forum, but you might want to consider a softride stem. (You can get them on ebay). They offer many, many times the ride comfort of any rigid fork or fat tire. Handling and comfort are improved; the only penalty is the weight

by Weenie

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