Sram Red Quarq and 3rd party Rings (Osym, Q-rings)

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by tinozee

Hi, I tried search and didn't find clear answers to the questions I have about using a 2013 Sram Red Quarq 130bcd with other than the stock Sram Red rings. There was similar info but not definitive.

    1. Do rotor rings fit and is it possible to get the shape of the ring positioned exactly where your ideal is on a normal spider?
    2. Do the Osymetric rings fit?
    3. Will I need to recalibrate or does the Omnical™ take care of it?

Thanks wizards.

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by Brandonnie

No it will not work

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by nagge

Regarding Q #3 the answer I got from Quarq is that omnical takes care of it.

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by Mario Jr.

Q-rings will work. I have seen that personally.

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by djconnel

How does Omnical work? Some sort of analysis of torque through the pedal-stroke?

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by nathanong87

djconnel wrote:How does Omnical work? Some sort of analysis of torque through the pedal-stroke?

when i called quarq a while back, they gave the impression it has much more to do with the crank to spider construction that no matter what rings, the deflection or stiffness change is negligible when changing rings. The deflection change is what caused the need for recalibration for the pre 2013 stuff. that's what i got from the conversation with quarq

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by NiFTY

All rings will fit. The Sram Quarq unlike the new exogram crank, doesn't have the hidden crank bolt which causes issues with some third party rings. The omnical should remove any errors from non-round rings.
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