Endless Saddle Problems...

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by thisisatest

DividedVolta wrote:KOPS? Knee over pedal spindle? I've done my own research about it here and there... essentially it's BS, correct? Or is that an acronym for something different?

Yep, it's crap. It just happens to be that a lot of people have their knee about over the pedal spindle when they're well fitted, but it's not true the other way around. I'd be wary of any fitter that strictly adheres to KOPS, IMO it means that they're not thinking.

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by DividedVolta

Yup, thanks for the verification. I read a very long article about it and it thoroughly convinced me that it's BS; sadly thus far I have only had basic fittings which check elbow and knee angle in conjunction with KOPS. If I can find the money I want something better.

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by drmutley

Sorry, but I haven't read all the replies, but the issue here isn't the saddle, it's your fit, and bike posture.

If u continue to change saddles with minimal results then the likelihood is, it ain't your saddle. As others have touched on, the most common issues are riders unable to sit symmetrically (square) on their saddle due to some functional or actual assymmetry. Saddle height, fore/aft, cleat position and leg length discrepancies are the most common causes. If u feel u aren't sitting on the saddle square then u won't be, and u will never get rid of pudendal pressure, and perineal numbness until u do...

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