Veloflex record, Black sidewalls?

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by Ruds

Do only the pro's get VR's with black sidewalls?

I am set on Records either way but a tan sidewall isn't going to look very good on my build :x

Thank you

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by naisan

get carbons or arenbergs. ;-)

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by 11.4

Ruds wrote:Do only the pro's get VR's with black sidewalls?

Correct. Rumors they will switch next year, possibly add a very slight bit of antipuncture technology, and the current tan Veloflex Record will become their first track tire.

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by fdegrove


It's not that difficult to turn a tan sidewall tyre into a black sidewall tyre.
As far as I'm concerned I hope Veloflex does not change anything to the anti-puncture policy of their tyres (none of them need any extras provided you age them prior to use) so they remain as true to traditional tyres as possible.

The best tyres (by a large margin) I've ever ridden were devoid of any puncture resistance gimmicks (which really do not work all that well anyway). Those tyre were light and fast and incredibly more comfortable than anything you'd find on the market nowadays.....Bygones...

Ciao, ;)
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by Wingnut

I tyres I ever used were aged Vittoria Corsa Seta's and I don't think they had any real puncture protection additions...
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by Calnago

The Veloflex Arenbergs are exactly the same as the Roubaixs except they have black sidewalls instead of tan sidewalls.
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by commfire

Off topic.... but I am happy to see Veloflex now offering a 25mm open tubular (clincher) version of the Master and Corsa tires.

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