Extralite stem bolts

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by sugarkane

I can confirm the face plate bolts are m4 12mm items.
Very hard to find in torx and for the record the Toronto cycles m4 Allen's are pretty soft.

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by highwater

teufelhunden222 wrote:Have you guys considered drilling the center of the Ti bolts? I mean after all this is WW

Yes, and in some applications, a small capsule filled with compressed angels farts is installed to lighten it even further.

Seriously though, check out the work done to lighten the newer Extralite stem bolts. That's some attention to detail:


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by UpFromOne

The four M4 bolts together weigh 3g.

To drill them would require a very fine bit, and not saving even a gram. But hey, you'd probably be the first!

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by teufelhunden222

Even if it saves 1/2 a gram. its a free 1/2 a gram :) If it were me, I would do it on a lathe.

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by mdeth1313

FYI, this is where I found my replacement bolts for my old extralite stem:

http://www.titaniumfasteners.com/shop/? ... 47eae389c1

It looks as if they don't have them in 12 or 15mm length (it would be the TSHCS), but you could always get 20mm ones and cut them down to size.
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by mellowJohnny

sugarkane wrote:I can confirm the face plate bolts are m4 12mm items.
Very hard to find in torx and for the record the Toronto cycles m4 Allen's are pretty soft.

Good to know. I ordered the standard M5 "stem bolts" and found there is a bit of play with allen head. Actually thought they may have been ASE rather than Metric, but they are indeed Metric. Just a bit sloppy.

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by skinnie

Sorry to bump such thread. Some years ago I got an Roadstem Ul3 for very cheap (like 25eur), it came with some rusty steel bolts (they didn't seem original at all).
So I found this thread and bought some titanium bolts from ebay. My stem never held correctly the handlebars (first an ITM Millenium Carbon Road bar, and then an el cheapo aluminium road bar).
The bolts were tighnen correctly and even carbon paste was used.
Some days ago I realized that Extralite stems don't use regular bolts, the zone where the bolt head touch e rounded, no flat, and so are the bolts.
Here you can see it perfectly:



Here is a normal bolt:

Using regular bolts result in the head bolt not touching every part of the clamp or stem as you can see in mine:



This second one was made because a friend of mine used it and overtight it.
So, rule number one, get original Extralite Bolts.
Or use it as a paperweight (bolts cost 45eur, it is almost cheaper to buy another used stem, with original bolts).
Hope it helps in the future.
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