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by project3

I'm currently using a pair of zipp 303. My friend is offering me
His 404 but front only at a good deal. So doest It make sense to have front with 404 and rear wheel is 303?

Or should I save the money don't spend or get a 404 for rear brand new.

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by Kasparz

It does make sense, because front wheel always has better impact in aerodynamics, but it would look weird.

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by NiFTY

I agree, would look weird. Traditionally the deeper rear, shallower front is because the front affects steering so it makes sense to have it shallower so it gets pushed around less, however, the front wheel is responsible for more drag than the rear so running a deeper front and shallower rear would be more aerodynamic than running a shallow front deep rear. In general. But it would look weird.
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by cwdzoot

I use it the other way around 303 front 404 rear but it's not as obvious as you might think when you see the bike from the side.

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by bet987

If the deal is good and you think that eventually you will want the 404 realize that you can get some great deals on ear 404 on some of the triathlon boards because many of them want to run a 404 front and 808 rear.

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by guercio496

its also easy to change stickers if you dont get a perfect match

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by teufelhunden222

is it the old non firecrest 404?

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by project3

It's a firecreast version. Right now I only have budget for either the front or rear. As mentioned I own a pair of 303 non firecreast now.

Still not sure should I get the front 404 now and later get the rear 404 or get the 404 rear now and use my current 303 and don't border to change the front anymore.

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by russianbear

I don't think the 404 will make that much of a difference, keep the wheels you have and when you have a bigger budget saved up buy another set. There are always good deals on zipp stuff around.

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by prebsy

If you think you can handle it, literally handle, then get it. Weight is more important in the rear, aero more important in the front. Unfortunately because handling a bike with a deep front wheel is precarious everyone goes the other way around. I used to ride a shallow alloy in the rear with a 60mm deep up front for mass start races and never really had any trouble with it...except for the mean looks :cry: . It is a fast but funky set up.

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