Who wants to be a product reviewer.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jb

Great idea!
too bad i am not at FB.

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by Northoceanbeach

I'll sign up, I get the opportunity to try out products in a wide variety of terrain and conditions.

Just this month I've ridden everywhere from Honey Springs climb in San Diego to mountains in Tucson. Pooring rain up the Ozarks, The flats of the Natchez trace parkway in Mississippi and snow in Iowa.

I'll put those skewers through their paces.

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by journeymonk

Would love to be onboard as well.

From Manila, Philippines here. Sent you Friend Request and a message on FB.

Cheers! :beerchug:

- mon -
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by dodge

Great idea.. :beerchug:

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by theremery

I'll review the ultralite pedals for you (and these pages, of course). Should be fitting them tomorrow. Cheers for sorting the postage :)
I'm obviously keen on trying new superlight stuff and can write a semi competent review. If it's crap....I won't mince my words though ;)

Updated: Racing again! Thought this was unlikely! Eventually, I may even have a decent race!
Edit: 2015: darn near won the best South Island series (got second in age
-group)..woo hoo Racy Theremery is back!!

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by austke

Got my Cycle Passion Calendar today, :D
Arrived nice and quick compared to other items I have received from the States to Oz.
Calendar is definitely top quality.
Not sure where you want the reviews to be, But I'm half guessing a thread of their own might be a good idea? Any way I'll leave that up to others to decide.

Thank Madcow :thumbup:
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by madcow

Round two is now starting, the latest New Ultimate bottle cages. This time we have derived a method for collecting a list of names without having to have a facebook account. Details are here: http://fairwheelbikes.com/cycling-blog/

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