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by gilesharrison

Does anyone have any experience of the Engage products from AX Lightness? They appear to be fairly light and not overly expensive. From what I've seen, it appears that they're designed by AX Lightness and probably manufactured elsewhere.

I'm looking for a light, setback (approx 25mm) seatpost for my new Parlee Z5. I'll need the post to be fairly long (350mm) so there aren't that many options. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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by frohrider

No experience with the Engage Seatpost; but as a tall rider here's what worked for me. I do ride a Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 (180gr, 400mm/27.2 length 20mm setback) and a Ritchey Superlogic (177gr 400mm/31.6 25mm setback) on my MTB's. Both do work fine for training and race use. I'm 85kg (187lbs) and ride hardtails, so no ultralight post for me..
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by gilesharrison

Thanks. The Ritchey Superlogic isn't a bad weight for a 350mm 31.6 post. Not cheap though. It's approaching the high end stuff on price.

Anyone know about Engage?

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by da123

I've just received my engage post in a 27.2. Weight is 146g uncut (it is either 380 or 400mm I think) - quite a bit lighter than the 'over 160g' they claim.

It replaces a Canyon VCLS post (222g uncut at 330mm).

First impressions are good. It is as at least as comfortable as the Canyon post. There is noticeable flex in the post when you lean on it, but it doesn't feel bouncy on the road. The finish is very nice.

Fitting isn't the easiest, but fine if you take your time. It helps if you have a saddle with a cut out as it is useful to grip the top of the front adjusting bolt. The instructions that come with it are the standard AX instructions for a straight post (where you can obviously tighten both bolts), so not terribly helpful.

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