BH, Scott, or Cannondale?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by swimmingskibble

Question about a road bike. I finally got some insurance money back from when I got creamed by a car last fall. I've narrowed my bike choices down to three. Between the three, what would you pick and why? Wheels don't really matter as I will be replaceing them with a set of the new Reynolds aero 58s (got a good deal on them.) (DA 9000 build) ... ue-22-l56/ ... e-crankset

These are my top contenders, although I'm not too entirely sure about the color scheme of the cannondale.


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by tdiggs14

Didn't look at the BH because I don't know much about them. I own a Scott Addict and I can tell you their carbon frame is stiff, responsive, and light (Mark Cavendish comes to mind when he owned the tour with his Scott Addict). My buddy owns a Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi Mod (I think his is ultegra, but same frame as the one you listed) and it's very light and he likes it a lot, but I am partial to Scott and if you are putting some aero wheels on it, the foil aero frame will be a good complement to them.

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by wasabi1

Evo. Nice with gold.

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by djconnel

Evo is lightest.

Scott and Cannondale have similar geometry in my size, w/ 74 deg seat tube. BH has slack 72.5 deg seat tube. That would bias me away from BH, as I'd need to jam seat forward on rails to get desired position.
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by Grill

Foil. I might bit a little bit biased...

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by skinnywellfed

I ride Cannondale thus you should by a Cannondale..............

this will be a popularity contest, I don't know that you could expect it to be anything more.

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by cybernck

^ Haha, that sums it up really well :).

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by prendrefeu

swimmingskibble, I'm guessing that you're narrowing these down because there is some shop somewhat locally where you can buy one?
If so, why not give them each a test ride?

Each one is different (even if the qualities of so many brands & frames are merging), and one of them will really sing to you.
I think that we'll see a lot of personal bias otherwise, which is expected, but won't necessarily help you deciding what goes under you for the miles ahead.
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by Blitzenbuddy

My name is Scott so that ruled out Scott bikes. Where I live in the San Francisco area Cannondales are fairly common and I wanted something that was a little more unique so I went with a BH Ultralight. Great bike, no regrets.

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by bmxbandit

Spot on post from Prend, I can't understand the concept of buying such an expensive bike without riding it first! Fit and feel should, imo, be the leading factors. That said, I'd either go for a 2013 Evo at discount (2014 launch imminent) or go for a new Addict.

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by Zigmeister

You want the stiffest, most aero bike, get the Foil. That is obvious.

You want the lightest, get the Evo. They are strong frames too...I think if Sagan can beat the hell out of it and keep going, no worries there.

BH isn't as well known, but they make a good bike also.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of those selections...all quality bikes.

Don't think about the Foil unless you are running a wide/aero wheel though that will give some shock absorption with the flex of the carbon width of the wheel. Riding a deep-v 50mm carbon wheel will make you want to sell the frame. Night/day between my deep-v 50mm wheels and my wide Zipp FC/and now HongFu wide aero wheels. Along with carbon 3T ergonova shallow drop bars, riding 60 miles is tolerable, but still not comfortable by any means. Great feedback on the road and inspiring.

I used to own several Cannondales, Supersix, not can't say. But they make a great bike.

Something Cannondale prides themselves on by the way, is comfort, yet good stiffness/BB etc..

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by justkeepedaling

If you can get the new Addict, go with that. If not, the Evo

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by savechief

Guys, I think that the OP made his decision about 6 months ago...

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by prendrefeu

:lol: :lol:
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