Lightest Readily Available Everyday Clincher wheelset?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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TunedCannondaleR700 Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2006 4:10 am Post subject:


Check these out, 1295 grams per pair

id second these £600 not sure in $ but very well built :wink:
so far...king fast
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by flying

Thanks again for all the suggestions.
In the end I went with Mike Garcia at Odds & Ends

He was great to work with. His wheels are very complete with skewers, rim tape,one spare spoke/nipple of each size/color used. I went with Dt Swiss rear hub, Speedcific front hub & Niobium rims 390gr. All told he said it would be 1350-1375 grams. I was going with the DT front hub but did not realize the axles were so big & they use this hub as their MT. Bike hub too. The Speedcific front seems fine & easy to service.This wheelset seems like a good mix of lightweight but with the needed strength for everyday use & fast descents on non perfect roads. Anything will seem light after these Easton Vistas I'm sure ;)
His prices are very good too. $470 included fast shipping all the way to Hawaii.
Spoke with him for an hour on his toll free number & he not only seemed very knowledgeable but honest about wheel facts. Another cool thing is he does not bill you till it ships. Pretty Nice !


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by singlefeldspar

Check out Topolinos at (I think that is the site). I have had a pair of the clinchers for 2 years. They are the only wheels I use for about 4,000+ miles a year. They are totally bomber and extremely comfortable. In 2 years, I have never even had to true them (and I ride over lots of bumpy roads in NJ). I had a brief hub problem (fixed by Topolino for free even out of warranty) - not a big deal. They weigh 1380 grams. I highly recommend them.

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by tdiggs14

Hey guys. Summary: Four year old carbon (with rival for what it's worth) bike, tax returns coming and have money saved, want a wheel upgrade from the original Mavic Equipe (2009) (1770g) that came on it.

135lb (wet)
Group rides (semi-competitive with friends) 25-35 miles a ride, couple races and centuries a year for fun

Options I have in mind:

The lightest and cheapest (1362g and $640)
Kinlin XR-200 (20h radial and 24h rear 2x)
Sapim CX-Ray Black w/ Black Brass
White Industries T11 Black


The more durable set with added weight (1472g and a few dollars more)
Same as above but with Kinlin XR-270


American Classic Sprint 350 wheelset ... sprint-350
I can get these for $100 less than both of the wheels above
1410g for the pair.

All weights are as advertised by the manufacturer.
I'd like for you guys to weigh in on what you think would be a good everyday wheelset for a lightweight and low-demand rider.

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by btompkins0112

You could go even lighter on build #1 and get an arguably better build with Bitex hubs. At your weight the added weight, cost, etc. wouldn't be worth it in my estimation.

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by bm0p700f

Use Novatec A291 SB-SL and F482 SB SL hubs instead. 290g so lighter than white industires (and a lot cheaper) and they give a very good (50%) tension balance. Also the 56 or 57mm rear flange spacing does mean a stiff rear wheel aslthough with 24 spokes it will be less stiff than mine.

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by ElNotorio

Shimano Dura-Ace C24.

Less than 1400g, roll great, really light rims. Great reviews.

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by Cheers!

I would rather take the weight hit and go with White industries than Novatec. Hubs are not easily swapped or replaced our of a built wheel when you have issues.

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by eric

Have you had problems with Novatecs?

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by lechat

Cheers! wrote:I would rather take the weight hit and go with White industries than Novatec. Hubs are not easily swapped or replaced our of a built wheel when you have issues.

Take the money saved using the Novatecs and build 2 sets of wheels. The hubs will probably outlast the rims. Unless you're building a set of WW touring wheels, the WI hubs are overkill.

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by savechief

How strange to combine a guy's post about clincher wheels into a 7 year old thread about clincher wheels. Are multiple threads not allowed for any remotely similar topics on WW?
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by Northoceanbeach

American classic sprint 350 are a good and sturdy but light choice. 1390g. Micro hub up front, only 58g. No many mainstream wheels have a hub that light.

But +1 to the Rolf's

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by tdiggs14

The Rolf's are expensive (or maybe I am just a cheap ... ). I am tempted to get the American Classics to save $100, but I was wondering what people thought about their rim and hubs (I know their hubs have a good reputation). If it's worth it to get some White Industries that will last longer than me, then $100 isn't a big deal.

@savechief. Thought the same thing, I was disorientated this morning looking for my topic. Saves space though, less to search through!

@ElNotorio. I would go with shimano wheels, it's just that I have SRAM and don't plan on changing and don't want to cross brands (Even though it does not functionally matter).

I priced those custom wheels on prowheelbuilder and they don't carry novatec hubs. So I would stick to WI, plus I hear more about WI, this is the first time I have heard or seen of Novatec!

What do we think between the three wheelsets, should one go with the XR-200 (less durable/strength) for my weight and demand, or the 270's? Anyone want to weight in on more options or what they think about the American Classics, I am still not sold on them?

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by eric

I use XR270s for my training wheels. I think XR200s are too flexy.

I have a set of AC350s from about 6 or 7 years ago. The rear is very flexy even though it's build 32h. This is on their narrow flange spacing hub. The idea was to make spoke tension closer to equal, but the spacing reduces overall lateral stiffness. When standing I can bounce the rim off the brake pads at will, and I weigh 145 lbs.

They have a newer 2:1 lacing hub which may address the problem.

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by tdiggs14

@eric, how much do you weigh? What space count was on your XR-200?

Would the Stans Alpha 340 be stiffer and less 'flexy' than the XR-200? I don't mind sacrificing nearly 100g if it means my rim won't rub the brake every time I go up a nice hill. There's better ways to save 100g.

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